February 5, 2011

2011 Chinese New Year =)

Chinese New Year!! One of my favourite time of the year apart from Xmas and New Year!! *grin* How I spend my Chinese New Year?? Hehe!!

Eve of CNY. My big brother came over to fetch me to JB (hometown) at 6pm. Ya I know it's pretty late.. But I'm just too busy la~ So many things to do lo.. (T_T)

Clever bro to check the GPRS to find out that Woodlands Checkpoint damn jam. So we went by SecondLink. Damn far from grandmother's home but at least better than jamming for few hours like previous years.. Had a great time chatting with little bro and mummy in the car!! *happy*

Wow when was the last time I last step into Malaysia again?? *scratch head* Oh dear!! I remember now!! It was that time we all went for my grandfather's funeral last year in May!! Wow!! Didn't notice that it was THAT long!! Awwwww~

"Suddenly" reach grandmother's house (coz I fell asleep hehe). Hey it's not the same house!! Oh ya!! They moved after grandfather passed away!! -_-" That really proved how long I have "abandon" my family for.. So much happened and I didn't know!! *sob*

Hehe went "cruising around the house and took some "photoshoot" shoots for fun =P

Re-met my uncles and relatives, so nice homey feeling!! Hehe.. More and more relatives arrived and we had a great time chatting and talking and watching CNY shows on TV. So noisy!! Can also hear alot of bomb bomb bomb sounds all over the place (fireworks). Hehe I just love the cny feeling!!

Well after years and years of home-style blackjack, now I'm ready for some casino-style "blackjack" called Pontoon!! The game that I deal most of the time when working in the casino. Managed to trick my little bro into playing with me. I obediently take out all the "10"s but used only 1 deck instead of the casino's 6 decks.. Damn!! That's stupid!! I keep losing lo!! But how come when working I keep winning, but at home, I just keep LOSING~!! Duh~........ But it's ok coz I had alot of fun playing with my little bro, hehe!! =)

My uncles finally join in the game. But they still wana play the home-style blackjack. (awwwww...) Had a great time and won RM21 from him buhahahaha~ Ya la I know it's not alot but it's just that playing with RM1 win till RM21 not easy you know!! My bro more super. With the help of my other uncle, he managed to win RM50!! Wow!! @_@ (not fair) He smiled and grinned and laughed at us so much lo~!!

11.30pm. The sounds of fireworks gets more and more plus louder and louder. Couldn't resist and ran out to watch. WOOOOW~!!! DAMN NICE!! Especially when they're just OUTSIDE the house!! Super nice just above my head lo!! HEHEHEHE~!! *jumping up and down* Happy~!!! *grin* Damn nice!! =)

opposite the house not far away..

Behind the house nearby..

Left side of the house..

Family enjoying also, hehe~

So nice right!! So many people setting off fireworks but didn't have the chance to catch the bigger and more colourful ones on camera!! Too busy wow-ing!! Hehe!! *happy happy*

12am!! Suddenly everyone set off fireworks altogether everywhere!! So many bomb bomb bomb sounds!! Even my relatives also shocked coz they say these people set off fireworks as if it's a legal thing!! Woooohooo~!! =)

Damn!! Missed the cny show where they say which zodiac will have what kind of luck in the new year.. Missed mine!! Ahhhh~ Enjoyed the fireworks so much till forgot all about it la~

Anyway, in my family, we have this belief that cause us everyone in the family to be vegetarians on the first day of cny, which start at 12am till 11.59pm the next day, exactly 24hrs.. As usual, everyone grobble down all the cny goodies as much as they can before 12am, and once 12am is here, grandmother swipe off all the goodies and keep in cupboard where the rest of us will go "awwwwww.. there goes the goodies.." Hehehehehehehe~

This year is partly different from previous years coz my dear grandfather have passed away less than a year ago.. One lesser family member to celebrate with.. And as he passed away less than a year, our family is not allowed to distribute ang baos (red packets) or any exchange of cny goodies.. And this year we spent in a new house.. Hmmm..

But still, just like every years, we would all go around saying happy cny to everyone and smile and laugh, all the fun!! After more fireworks enjoyment (feel as if like it's the national day with so much big big colourful fireworks setting off just above our heads), our blackjack game continues =)

Slowly one by one, everyone get wear off especially the smaller children.. One by one they leave for their own home sweet home. I stayed in the living room and watch the midnight show. Every year's cny seems to have a Stephen Chow show, even though watched countless times already but still wana watch haha.. Thought after the show can zzz but came another show "Kung Fu & Anna" or something and watched till 5am then zzz!! Totally walked like zombie!! Hehe.. But zzz in an unfamiliar place really took me quite some time to fall asleep......

Next day 2pm wake up.. As usual we all have to eat vegetarian for the day. Grandma cook vegetarian bee hoon just like every year, and everyone complained just like every year too, haha =P
Sat around the dining room and chatted and eat and joked alot. My uncles are all jokers lo. Once they joke asked how come bak kua never do vegetarian one. The the conversation gets more and more funny till my grandma complained and commented that it's a waste of her effort to cook vegetarian food for us all coz although our mouth are eating vegetarian, our heart not vegetarian. Immediately all of us laugh and protested and remarked, and said in that case we just eat meat and have a vegetarian heart can already buhahahaha~ Just enjoy the family feeling.. Why can't have cny every month? Hehe..

After the long funny brunch, we sat around the living room watch tv and chat and eat tons of oranges (that's the only munchie that is vegetarian!!) Then after a while we decided to go shopping, hoping to see which shopping centre is open for cny. But before that, I went to a clinic nearby and see the doc for diarrhea, guess I'm just not used to Msia food/water, duh~ Went to Jusco and shopped around, wow so many things diff from Spore!! Haha I know since young la but just like to be fascinated only hehe!! The way they do business and stuffs are just diff from Spore.. Once, I found this shop that sells cut fruits.. I mean cut fruits in the shopping centre?? And not only that, it's that kind of style that you are use kiap kaip and pick the fruits you wan and put in plastic bag / container and pay by weight!! Hmmm.. Guess the business is pretty good coz they can afford to rent a shopping centre space to sell fruits ONLY!! @_@!! We brought a packet and stood in front of the shop, and the moment the worker turned around to wash hands or take something, we reach out and snatch a piece of something and stuff into our mouth, hahahaha~ It's not as of we don't have money to pay!! We had alot of fun playing "peek-a-boo", Buhahahah~ FUN!! =P

Had a hearty meal, (don't tell my grandma!!) and had alot of fun shopping. Also saw da tou wa wa (big head dolls) "dancing" on the stage. Well they are just far too big size to make out any dance steps la. So all they can do is to sway side to side and change places and sway somemore hahahaha~ Make me -_-" for so long!!

Finally tired from all the excitement and decided to go home.. Omg the taxi style also diff lo. They will stand there and you go up and DISCUSS taxi fare with them. They will only agree to pick you up if you offer a good price. WTF~!! Well get us home safely can already. No wonder most of the msians have their own car. Throw money away like this might as well get your own car/bike.

Reached home, another round of blackjack!! But bigger and noisier this time!! And everyone act as if they all have 21pts no matter what points they have!! So fun!! Feels like blackjack plus bluff!! Haha!! All the fun and laughters!! *happy*

12am finally come and we can eat normally again!! Hehe!! Everyone crowded around the dining table and snatch food like hungry ghosts!! Haha so part of the fun lo!! Imagine all the hands sticking in and grab whatever food!! All the mummies snatching food for their kids too!! Hahahaha~ =P

After the exciting food, another round of blackjack again!! Haha.. Eventually I didn't win/lose lo kakaka~ But my uncle was "robbed" broke!! Buhahaha~ Slowly people start leaving again and I played "pontoon" with my little bro, and he managed to win RM50 from me!! Duh!! Tao yan de!! Luckily he was sweet enough to return RM20 to me, my little bro is so sweet!! *heart melts*

Actually before coming to msia, already had this event planned. It's a company's cny gathering andI was asked to wear bunny outfit and distribute goodies and stuffs at the event on cny day 2 at 10am.. Before reaching msia, I couldn't get to confirm with the babe who asked me along for the event.. When I reach msia I didn't realize my hp is not auto-roaming and she could not contact me. Eventually she have to find someone else to take over me coz she scared I will stood her up.. Only realised it when I log in my facebook using my cousin's comp and saw the messages and realised not she didn't sms me, is she can't find me!! Too bad then I have to miss the event, but thinking of it maybe it's blessing in disguise coz that means I can spend a little more time with my family!!

Next day wake up 2pm, oh no!! Still have to rush back to spore to work in the caisno at 6pm!! Rush getting ready and packing, said goodbye to grandma, and got cousin to fetch us to the shopping centre beside the customs. Rushed through our food and rushed to customs.

Reached Kranji Mrt 5pm!! Pray and pray that I wont be late for work, still have to rush home to take my bag coz I need my pass!!

Luckily reached MBS 5.40pm, run all the way and was a little late for pit, phew!! *pant* Wa say so many people lo!! When casino first opened also not so many people!! My table was $50 limit but still PACKED with people!! But too bad once I start dealing I keep eating as usual and everyone ran away already buahhahaha~!!! =P
Feel paisay when I turn to look around coz every single table is packed with players till you can't see the dealers but mine is EMPTY~!! Hehe!! But very soon my table become packed again.. Those players!! Smoking cigarettes already hard to breathe already, this time they smoke cigar!! *cough cough cough* I rubbed my nose till it felt fractured!! *ouch* sigh..

Finally finish work and go home to rest.. Sigh.. What a cny~!! Can't wait for the next one to come!! *grin*


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