January 31, 2011

Submition of Resignation to MBS..

Today I have finally tender my resignation to MBS and my last day would be on 1 Mar.. Pretty she bu de and teary.. But.. Sighhhh..

Seriously.. Out of many jobs I have done previously.. Waitress, cashier, salesgirl for diff trades, admin etc.. Working in MBS so far is the most unforgettable and my most fav job, (apart from modeling la hehe) But this job also make me "suffer" the most..
The constant bending and 2nd hand smoke is causing my health to go down.. Since working in MBS, I have sprain my wrists countless times, have never ending back pains and shoulder aches, dry and wrinkle skin, twice throat inflammation that made me lost my voice temp, itchy head, poor complexion, painful feet, knees and ankles, lack of sleep, dry itchy palms, switch of shifts causing a hard time adjusting to sleep patterns etc.. I wana concentrate full time in modeling and property.. Have been missing out alot of modeling assignments, contests, and property deals due to MBS work..

But still, I had a fruitful and enjoyable l time in MBS. Everyday I enjoy myself in the games and in providing customer services. My bestest satisfaction is letting a cold ice players with stern or unhappy looks eventually melts, enjoy the game and smile at me DESPITE losing alot and at times even give me tips.. It's a wonderful feeling that not many people can do it.. SO proud and happy I could do it, hehe!! =)

Well, when the time is here, have to move on means have to move on.. I can't keep losing more deals and assignments (which means $$$$) and let my health get worse and worse.. I wouldn't want to use the hard money on medical bills.. Soooooo.. Sighhhh~ At times like this, I have to use my brain to get things done and never allow my heart to take over.. Girls are too emotional.. If I allow my emotions to take over, I'd never succeed in life coz emotions will cause me to miss out better opportunities......................

(T_T) *sobzz*

January 29, 2011

Sha Gua...

Before stepping in modeling.. I have this friend.. I call him "Sha Gua".. And he is a sha gua indeed.. (For those for dono what "sha gua" is, it means silly person in chinese..)

This guy, why I call him Sha Gua.. He is soooooooo good to me.. Making sure I reach home safely, making sure I don't get bullied at work, making sure I have food for lunch, driving all the way to buy my fav sushi in Bedok to AMK for me.. And many many other touching things.. Yet.. I could not be with him for some personal reasons.. And till now, 1yr 4mths later, I received a hand drawn/written letter from him, (he have been sent overseas for few yrs by his company) although it's a late written letter from him wishing me Merry Xmas and Happy New Year..

Inside, he wrote that he have been visiting my facebook often and happy to see that my life is full of excitement, advantures, surprises and its so meaningful. (of coz he also wrote a few more other things that's not convenient to reveal on my blog hehe!) Most impt thing is, why I "reply" his letter on my blog.. It's coz I dono how to reach him at all!! Hehe paisay paisay..

Anyway, back to being serious.. Thanks Sha Gua for still being concern to me. I am happy with my life now partly thanks to you for your care and concern last time. I really appreciate it very much. I'm very sorry that we could not be together but I'm still very thankful to know you in my life although it was short. Hope you could find a nice girl to be together with and get married soon!! Must invite me to your wedding oh!! Happy Chinese New Year to you and hope things are going well for you too. Please take good care of yourself while overseas and get in touch when you come back ok? =) Take care~

January 27, 2011

Steamboat with family!!

Today met mummy and little silly bro for steamboat!! So HaPPy lo~ HeHeHeHee~!! *grin big big* So nice to hang out with family esp when I'm so darn busy and packed with activities that the number of times meeting them, the numbers of fingers I have is more than enough to count, sighhh~

Today went to Chinatown with mummy just like every Chinese New Year. Although didn't buy anything, it's the absorbing of the atmosphere and chatting with mummy makes the outing nice and warmth. After few hours of wandering about, decided to go for steamboat in bugis and managed to "pian" little lazy bro out haha~ That oink oink!! Like suddenly grow up so fast!! Make me feel I've lost contact with family like so many years lo!! Sigh~ I promised once I settle down I will arrange to meet them much more often!!

The su yu is right.. You only appreciate it when you lose it.. I used to grumble that my folks are naggy, troublesome, wan more freedom, wan more quietness.. Till I have to take care of myself, now I complain nobody help me wash clothes, nobody cook nice nice food for me, nobody concern when I reach home late.. Sigh.. Must learn to appreciate my folks before I lose them totally..

DARN~!! So happy and enjoying that I forgot to take pic with them!! Argh~

January 23, 2011

Kerlee & Zac Wedding

Today's our dear friend's Kerlee's wedding with her love Zac!! (dono number what wedding I've been to within a year already!!) So happy for her man!! *grin* Kerlee's such a nice simple girl who in my mind does not request for much in her life.. Hope Zac will take great care of her and not take advantage of her!! =)

Pretty bridge so happy till dono cry how many times already hehe~ Silly girl...

New wedding "cake" right? Darn, it's FAKE!!
Still very pretty though, hehe!! =)

Newly met friends Weiting & Weiting
(I didn't repeat myself!!) =P

Wish this couple happily ever after with Yang Yang =)

Last but not least, it's ME~!! Hehe!!
Goodnight!! =)

January 18, 2011

"The Art of Colour and Style" course

Today is the day of the course, "The Art of Colour and Style". I learnt a very good lesson today. And that "lesson" got NOTHING to do with any art or any style at all. Know what I have learnt?? That lesson that I had learnt is..................

To f**king call the place up to confirm before rushing down in a cab that cost $26.50 and only to find out that it has been postpone to 35days later!!

F**K~!! Damn!! I mean!! I was still trying so hard to recover from the sudden 10am-6pm work to 10pm-6am work, and have to jump up and rush down to the place only to find out it have been POSTPONE!! They even said they sent me an sms, I asked what is the number sent, he read out 4 numbers that not one is mine!! DUH~!!! -_-" I mean, the course have been postponed once already when I signed up for it. That means this is the 3rd time they postpone. I asked why they postponed they say no enough people. Asked short of how many people, they have TWO~!! &%$@#%&$%~!!! What?! Short of that TwO cannot start?!?! What the f**k!! Argh~

(sorry for the "vulgarities" over here, too worked out due to sudden body clock change and disappointment and not enough zzzzz.....)

Sudden body clock change..

Yesterday is crazy.. have you tried this.. you have worked 10AM-6PM for 2weeks.. SUDDENLY change your working time to 10PM-6AM, will you stone anot.. Ya alot of people will feel that the change I "zhun dao" coz I have a period of 24hrs before my next working time, but did you realised.. one min you are working early in the morning and zzz early at night.. suddenly you have to change to working late at night into the wee morning and zzz when the sun is shinning into your face.. damn.. who's that idiot.. sigh~ I'm surprised I'm still alive with this chaotic life~

January 13, 2011

Applied for courses

So happy!! Just applied for 2 courses!! One is "The Art of Colour and Style" and the other one is "Adobe Photoshop". First one cost less than $50, the other less than $100 so cheap!! ^_^ Hehe ya la ya la, sounds very lame right.. The colour course and photoshop course.. Wana learn more ma, you'd never know what miracle things you'd learn from the courses and apply them in your life!! So I don't care what other people say, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE COURSES~!! *excited* Hope they're as fruitful and enjoyable as the makeup courses I went!! ^_^

January 4, 2011

Casting at Edgemedia

Today went for a casting at this company called Edgemedia.. Received an email from them inviting me for a casting.. Went to check out their company and found their website.. What "amazed" me was that although this company claimed to be at least 5yrs old, their website seems to be abandoned and not updated, and the "model" featured look like fresh models.. Hmmmm... Still went for the casting though.. And stood outside with an obvious skeptical look printed big big on my face.. Can't help it, hehe!!

Went to their wall and checked out their pictures of models.. I could easily recognized a few familiar faces!! The problem is, their pics also look like "fresh" models!! Like gang chu dao lo~ And their colours are fading to almost white!! *faint* Contacted one of the model I know on the wall, and after some chatting she confirmed that the pic is her but the problem is that the pic was taken yrs ago, yet within these few years she had not received any single assignment from them.. So why is her pic there?? Advertising her or using her pic to give an impression that they have "beautiful" models? Hmmmm..

Went for the interview and chatted with the friendly lady.. Everything was fine till almost the end of the interview.. She asked if she could ask a personal non-related question. She asked how come I stood outside when I arrived with the word "I AM EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL" look on my face, and I laughed and told her of their "abandoned" website and fading model pics.. Hehe.. Before I left the room, she asked me to email her my pics.. After some considerations decided not.. Sorry!!~

Met Esther at the office!! She is just a freaking DAMN HOT BABE~!! *melts*So friendly and chatty nice pretty babe lo~ *loves* Chatted with her so happy ^_^

January 1, 2011

2010 Countdown Party

Last night was the last day of 2010~!! Hehe actually I didn't planned to celebrate nor go for any party.. But my friends had managed to convince me last min to have some fun and enjoy myself on the last day of 2010 at Siloso Beach Sentosa, thus I went at 10pm plus and queued for so long!! But we still managed to catch the fireworks and had tons of fun and I totally didn't regret it!! Thanks to all my friends for convincing me and getting me out for the party!! *grin*

Saw my dear old friends performing!! *happy*

Met another model friend named Rachel too, another pretty babe!! (haha I seems to be more interested in pretty babes more than handsome guys =P)



*WINK* ^_^