February 9, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Course Part 1/3

Went for Adobe Photoshop course today at Bishan!! Hehe.. Actually I already know the very basic use of the program, just wana join the course and learn more hehe..

Mr Wong Wing Kin the trainer.
A very funny and friendly trainer =)

First, Mr Wong taught us the basic work area of the program. The menu bar, the option bar, the toolbox and the floating palettes.

After that, he taught us in depth the uses of the magnification and hand tool. Now I know if I wana magnify certain parts of the pic, I can do it in 6 diff ways!! All the ways are interesting and useful in their own ways coz when you wana work fast editing a pic, knowing the best way that suits you really save you so much time and trouble!!

Then, Mr Wong taught us in depth the uses of rectangle marquee, elliptical marquee, magic wand tool, lasso tool and magnetic lasso tool. He said it is impt to have and know all these tools coz if we could not be able to select the exact place we want to edit, how do we do editing in the first place at all? So it is very impt knowing which tool to use for selecting the area we want to edit in the pic in the fastest time. Using the right tool indeed will save so much time and frustrations!!

Next, Mr Wong taught us how to transform selection. Rotating, flipping etc. Then he taught us how to combine selections and cropping the pic. Last but not least, he taught us in depth about layers and how it could help us get the effects we want.

Look at our works!!

The most original pic of vegetables that Mr Wong gave us to practice on

After some copying and cutting, we managed to "give birth" to "MR VEGGIE"!! Hehe!! *fun*

Waaaalaaaaa~!! It's DONE!! *happy* =)

Lastly, we gave it a background and let Mr Veggie give birth to 2 more baby veggies!! Hehe!! =P

It was indeed a fun and informative course!! Can't wait for the next one next week!! *excited*

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