March 30, 2011

A Getaway Rest Before My Bday

My scary birthday is coming again.. It seems very fun and exciting when you are before 20.. But the moment you hit the digit number "2", you will start to dread your birthday, believe me..

I needed a break.. A rest, a getaway, whatever people call it.. That was partially why I left MBS before Apr so that I could arrange something or somewhere to go before I see the 20+ candles again.. Managed to arrange a last min Genting trip with my dear friends.. Had a great time man!!

We went to the Casino (of coz right.. worked in the casino not going to one is lame..)
Well I tried betting on the games I deal before.. Damn.. Lost alot lo!! Then I tried betting on a game I never deal or learn before.. And won all my lost back and even win a little more bonus!! Hehe!! Had a great fun winning!!

Also went to this amazing Ripley's Museum over there, check out my pics!!

At the entrance of the museum

Hehe!! =P

This is Mr Robert L. Ripley (1890-1949).
He was the first cartoonist millionaire and became known as "the Modern Marco Polo" after traveling to 201 countries..

Ripley travelled to 201 countries between 1914 to 1940 amassing a huge collection of artifacts from every corner of the globe.

Blind artist Mark Shoesmith sculpted thus bust of Robert Ripley in 1937. Mark's sense of touch was so sharp, that we was able to mould startling likeness in clay based merely on running his hands over his subject's features!!

Ripley saw his first genuine shrunken head in Peru in 1925, but received this one in the mail from a complete stranger with the message: " Please take good care of this, it is one of my relatives!"

Many African tribal people once used "Judgement Chairs" in their criminal trials; chairs that were believe to have the power to reveal the truth!! The accused was forced to sit in the chair during the trial and if found guilty of a serous crime, such as murder or adultery, he/she would actually be executed while sitting in the chair!!

Ripley met this Hindu fakir whom he called the "Monkey Man" because he had crawled around on all 4s for his entire life as a form of devotion to his gods.

Many people throughout the Third World still put great emphasis on large families, due to high infant mortality rates and short life spans experienced in these countries. Fertility figures like this one, made in the Ivorie Coast, were carved and placed in the home of hopeful parents, often under the woman's bed. It is believed a woman will become pregnant simple by touching them!!

These are crabs from Japan with legs 6" long!!

Can you roll your tongue like this?
Only 1 in 1,000 can do it.
Are you one of them??

Did you get it??

I'm sure people won't think of cutting it like this!!

She could write forward, backwards, upside down, upside down backwards, with both hands in various combinations!! Wow!!

The number confirm is "5"!! =P

Most people would count 3, but there's actually 6!!
Did you see them? Coz most people cannot process the "F" in the word "of"!! =P

The answer to the questions on my facebook!!
Did you get it?? =P

This "couple" made alot of us stopped in track!! In the end they were just statues lo!! Even their camera can flash one!! Haha~

Combined knife and fork for one-armed people. Can't really understand how it worked though.. Hmmm....

Antique belt buckle pistrol designed for an English stage coach driver so that he could protect his passengers and cargo..

Thse beans preserved for 1100 years by layers of sediments were buried with a dead Indian chef as part of his last meal

Playing cards have been around since at least the 1400s. These are samples from the collection of card game authority George Clulow of England

Criminals and murderers often wear shoes made of Emu bird feathers that does not leave tracks, thus preventing anyone from tracking the miscreant and assuring his clean getaway!!

The "Vampire Killing Kit"?? @_@!!

Mummified parrot and luxury cat..

Many societies believe horseshoes are symbol of good luck and in some countries, gamblers believe touching a horseshoe will increase their chance of winning. Here's Ripley's golden horseshoe chair. OMG now I know why I could easily win in the casino!! =P

Chamouni, a circus performer, could enter an oven heated to 350 Fahrenheit holding a raw leg of mutton and not come out until the meat was well cooked!! @_@!!

Alyplus, a dwarf of ancient Alexandra, Egpt, who was only 17" tall, was imprisoned in a parrot's cage for treason..

Bobby Blackburn of South African, a crocodile rancher, wears dentures made of crocodile teeth!!

Tycho Brahe (1546-1602), the world - reowned Danish astronomer, lost his nose in a sword fight, and replaced it with a glued-on made from solid gold

A tour guide known as "The Lighthouse Man" once guided American military dignitaries through the streets of Chunking, by the light of a 7" candle inserted in his head

Ching Foo from Shensi, China
was born with a blue face!!

Paula Beswick of Sale, England, left a fortune to her physician, with the stipulation that he look upon her face at lest once each year for as long as he lived. Her embalmed body was kept in the case of a grandfather's clock for 111 years!!

Authenticate and photographed by Robert Ripley in Manchuria, China in 1931, Weng The Human Unicorn had a 13" horn growing out of the back of his head!!
The Human Unicorn!!

Born in1910, Johnny Eck's torso ended where his hips should have been. Although at birth his doctor doubted he would live through the day, Johnny eventually became a honor student, artist,, musician, composer, bandleader and movie actor. He was an excellent swimmer, diver and juggler and could run as fast on his hands as many men could on their feet!! Incredibly, he was also a tight rope walker and a dancer, all on his hands of course!! Woohoo~!!

Frank Kennedy of Washington State, USA caught a fish wearing glasses!! The glasses were returned to Ira Erling, who had lost them overboard while fishing (April 1940)

P.T.Barnum once exhibitd this curiosity, as a genuine "Fiji Mermaid". In 1842, thousands of people paid 25cents to see this. Ripley discovered the "Mermaid" was a combination of the upper half of a monkey and lower half of a fish!

"I'd save you!! I'd save you!!" =P

These conjoined twin pig born in England in the 1990, just have one backbone.

Giant Flying Fox Fruit Bat, the largest bat in
Southeast Asia with a wing span over 6 feet!!

This painting here is a replica of Paul Cezanne's masterpiece, 'The Blue Vase" was created in a toaster from 56 pieces of ordinary white bread!! Completed in 1985, "The Blue Vase" is the one of over 40 depictions of famous painting created by Tadahiko Ogawa of Kyoto, Japan

Erika Simmons of Atlanta, Georgia, sees and hear ghosts!! This is one of the many portrits of rock musicians Erika calls "Ghosts In The Machine" created using crumpled up audio cassette tape. This portrait captures the iconic imagine of early Michael Jackson from his break through first solo record "Off The Wall". Other pieces in the series include Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse. Erika has done a similar series of movie stars, but instead of using audio tape, she uses old 35mm film strips!! Talented man!!

Ripley received millions of unusual addresses letters, and many strange things in the mail, but even he would have been amazed that a coconut, with no packing crate, simply an address written right on its side, could be mailed and actually delivered!!

There's many many more stuffs in the museum!! You guys should go check it out man!!

We also visited the glow-in-the-dark bowling place!! Way too cool man!! *grin*

Makan makan at my fav restaurant!!

Went to the theme parks!!

Fish Spa!! @_@!! Had me screaming in the mall for so long!! kakaka~

One of my small little wish was to eat steamboat
in Genting!! *giggle*

Hang out at the pub called Cloud 9 =)


Nice view!!

Went for fish spa again to conquer them!!

Phew what a nice trip!! Get me prepared to have a long working period in front!! Can't wait to go for holiday again!! *grin*