October 30, 2010

Methode Cholley Beauty Pageant (Part 1)

Hehe just heard on 883FM there's another contest that I could go for. But I don't think 883FM is the one who organized the contest. Should be the beauty company pay 883FM station to advertise ba, hmmm... Anyway, this is the brochure that I found..

Sent in the sms, wait for reply ba =)

October 26, 2010

Makeup Course Part 4

Today is the last day of the makeup course.. Abit she bu de coz I seriously enjoy chatting with Cincelia, she's such a chatty lady and a happy person!! Anyway, I have learnt about eyelashes, eyeshadow colours, cat-eye look and stuffs. Also bought quite a few items from her coz they're damn cheap!! I'm pretty niao about the things I apply on my face, and thus does not apply much stuffs on my face coz I don't really trust them, and I'm happy to find out that Cincelia's recommendations are damn cheap and nice lo~ *happy happy* Thanks Cincelia for the fruitful course, I will remember you!! ^_^

October 19, 2010

Makeup Course Part 3

Today's the 2nd last of the makeup course!! Through this course I made a big discovery, and I need to say sorry to all those eyebrow artists that helped me fix my eyebrows coz I always "cursed" them as all of them just keep giving me a round shape rather than the tick kind.. Through today's course I realised why.. Coz of the shape of my face.. My face just fit the category of sharp face thus a round eyebrow is more suitable. Tick eyebrow is more for a face that need a slimmer look.. I should be happy that they feel that my face is slim enough but in the end I "cursed" them instead, haha~ Sorry people, wo chuo guai ni men le~ *paisay paisay* =P

October 12, 2010

Makeup Course Part 2

Today's my makeup course again!! So happy to see Cincelia every time coz she's always so happy looking and outgoing hehe!! I just love the best part about her is that she is not signed under any beauty company like Loreal or something so she will not concentrate on only one product/company. She will really look at the products we already bought and tell us straight in out face if the product is good or bad or if they would spoil our face. She's so willing to share with us all the secrets on beauty and stuffs ^_^ Thanks Cincelia for all the beauty advises!! The course really is very productive for me!! *hugs*

October 5, 2010

Makeup Course Part 1

Today went for a makeup course at Sengkang CC~!! Love the trainer Cincelia!! She's so friendly and share with us so much!! Taught us the basic ways of removing makeup and applying moisturizer and stuffs, never knew applying of facial products can be so complicated!! If the strokes and directions are wrong, our face will wrinkle sooner than others!! Thanks Cincelia!! It was such an informative and fun course!! Looking forward to the next one!! ^_^