January 31, 2011

Submition of Resignation to MBS..

Today I have finally tender my resignation to MBS and my last day would be on 1 Mar.. Pretty she bu de and teary.. But.. Sighhhh..

Seriously.. Out of many jobs I have done previously.. Waitress, cashier, salesgirl for diff trades, admin etc.. Working in MBS so far is the most unforgettable and my most fav job, (apart from modeling la hehe) But this job also make me "suffer" the most..
The constant bending and 2nd hand smoke is causing my health to go down.. Since working in MBS, I have sprain my wrists countless times, have never ending back pains and shoulder aches, dry and wrinkle skin, twice throat inflammation that made me lost my voice temp, itchy head, poor complexion, painful feet, knees and ankles, lack of sleep, dry itchy palms, switch of shifts causing a hard time adjusting to sleep patterns etc.. I wana concentrate full time in modeling and property.. Have been missing out alot of modeling assignments, contests, and property deals due to MBS work..

But still, I had a fruitful and enjoyable l time in MBS. Everyday I enjoy myself in the games and in providing customer services. My bestest satisfaction is letting a cold ice players with stern or unhappy looks eventually melts, enjoy the game and smile at me DESPITE losing alot and at times even give me tips.. It's a wonderful feeling that not many people can do it.. SO proud and happy I could do it, hehe!! =)

Well, when the time is here, have to move on means have to move on.. I can't keep losing more deals and assignments (which means $$$$) and let my health get worse and worse.. I wouldn't want to use the hard money on medical bills.. Soooooo.. Sighhhh~ At times like this, I have to use my brain to get things done and never allow my heart to take over.. Girls are too emotional.. If I allow my emotions to take over, I'd never succeed in life coz emotions will cause me to miss out better opportunities......................

(T_T) *sobzz*

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Anonymous said...

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