February 7, 2011

Lost of Handphone

Dont't worry, it's not mine!! Serious!! Hehe~ Actually I found it in the MBS handicap toilet while working few days ago. Was pretty tired out and was totally lost not knowing what to do with it when I found it. Hey don't worry ok!! I don't take things that does not belongs to me!! I can easily understand the feeling of the owner who lost it!!

Anyway, not knowing what to do, guess what I did?? I just stood outside the toilet till the end of my break time hoping the forgetful owner will come back looking for it. OkOk!! I know I was being stupid not keeping it for myself. And for being stupid again standing there waiting!! But what can you expect from someone who is so tired out??

Anyway no one came running all over the place looking for anything. I was not planning to put it back where I found it coz I know very well the 2nd person who found it will definitely keep it!! So I took it to my locker and keep it there, trying to decide what to do next, while asking around if anyone know of anyone who lost a phone, at the same time telling everyone about it in case the owner say I stole it!! @_@

Till the end of my shift, I still can't find the owner, nor receive any miss call from the phone. Took it home and left it there and when woke up in the afternoon, found some missed calls around 6am plus, damn I was zzzz-ing!! Lucky for the owner that I have a weird set of charger heads from the portable charger I bought and I was able to keep the lost phone alive~

Anyway after some time, finally got in touch with the owner and managed to arrange to meet at the MRT station (after some failed arrangements due to our diff working shift). Return the phone to the owner (MR JONATHON) and chatted with him for awhile before he left for work. Well Jon, that was indeed a special way to get to meet me coz tons of guys tried booking my time to meet but failed!! You indeed did it a special way!! Buahahahaha~ Hey people, must come out special ways like Jon in order to meet me successfully oh!! Hehe!! =P

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