February 14, 2011

"Die-Hard Fan" DJelmar Bautista

I have a "die-hard" fan these few days in facebook!! Profile name DJelmar Bautista. Posted so many times on my profile all at once. At first treated it as a joke was just having fun with him when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I replied saying I'm everyone's girl-friend, as in a friend who is a girl. Guess that made him even more "bonkers" and after that I just ignore him and eventually block him.

He also sent me private messages via facebook.

His profile. He listed me as his "wife"!! I'm not the only one somemore! Damn funny. Too bad never put his face pic. I would have posted it too. Maybe he knows what he's doing is "different" from others, hehe~

Blocked him and removed him from my friend list. He made another profile and add me again. Didn't realized it was the same person!! Somemore go and "thank" him for the add. Duh. Blocked & removed.

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