December 31, 2011

Last post of Rosie Cheeks for 2011

So fast, it's the end of 2011 already. Looking back, it's been 2yrs since I step into modeling line, and these 2yrs have been very very exciting, fruitful and eventful for me. For 2012, there's even more I want to do. Of coz, the most biggest and "well-known" one is going back to study and retaking O "levels" so that I can apply as an air-stewardess with SQ the following year. So I guess next year my events and assignments will have to be 2nd in the row compared to studies.

During sec sch times, books, alphabets and letters are scary and intimating to me. I just ran away from them and never overcome them face to face. Next year, I'm gonna look at them right in the face no matter how hard and stressful they will be. I will score my bestest and see how high i can score. This is my mst ultimate goal and wish and resolution I have for 2012. Wish me luck!!

So what's your 2012 resolution??

December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve with my family

Every year for christmas, it's been always orchard road with lights and music and squeezing with people and spray cans and colorful strings and smelly bodies.. This year, I went home in JB to hang out with my family, and it was so heart-warming!!

Look at my brother. This is BEFORE 12am..

This is after 12am. Hahaha~

Next morning, greeted Merry Christmas by Pepper.
Can't help making fun of him haha..

My uncle's breakfast mee got extra ingredient.
Did you spot it? It's extra big!!

The naught ones are kept outside the house.

Look at what the dogs did to my new shoes!!
They bite the ribbon and roses off!!
My shoes were less than 1week old!! T_T

Had a nice simple heart-warming christmas with my family members. Have to make an effort to spend more time with them.. Did you enjoy yours?? =)

December 18, 2011

Next Textbooks

Went for a used books drive today and took soooooo many books!! 32 to be exact!! "What books are these?" I'm sure you are asking right.. Well, 12 of them are "O" Levels related books, the others are storybooks and self-improvement books..

Yup, you didn't see wrongly.. "O" Levels indeed.. "Why now still "O" Levels" you're asking again.. Coz I have plans to retake my "O" Levels next year and then apply as cabin crew in SIA after that!!

"Why so determined?" Coz being a cabin crew (or air-stewardess, I rather call it), is one of the "almost-impossible-thing-happen-to-me-in-my-living-life" just like working in a casino as a Dealer and being a Model. These used to be the "you-think-too-much" industry that when I told my family and friends about them, they look at me like: "What? You? Please la, wake up.." Now, fulfilling some of them made them realized I'm capable too and made them envious that I have the guts to run the extra miles to obtain the impossibles.

Working in a casino as a Dealer and being a Model might seems easy and obtainable to all of you. Do you know how extremely hard it is for me? Imagine a blur simple minded girl so weak in Maths and calculations, going through all the trainings with MBS, having an extremely hard time trying to understand and memorize all the calculations.. I'm so weak in Maths I can't even count 6+7, 8+5, 3+8, 7+5 etc, AND not to mention I have a "special" ability of not being able to see numbers clearly.. For example if you put 8558858585 together, or 6866866868, 5383853853 or 7117177117, or 066060606, or 5335333535, I CAN'T SEE THEM AT ALL~!! I drove all my casino team mates and family members crazy trying so hard to understand everything!! In the end I F**KING OVERCOME IT~!!

And also being a Model. Do you guys know that I suffered Autism before (自闭症) for 2yrs few years ago due to betrayal of 7ys good buddy and family problems? I can't breathe properly when I'm in public, keep having the feeling of someone gonna stab me with a kitchen knife behind me whenever I'm outside, can't communicate nor face anyone straight in the face, scared of people taking my pics, and the feeling of someone peeking at me and planning all the horrible things to do to me etc. It was so serious I almost commit suicide in order to stop all these sufferings. On that last night I decided I had enough, I asked myself how do I want to end all these. It's either end my life, or throw everything away and start anew. Then I thought of all the things I haven't have the chance to go through yet, like marriage, babies, dreams, watching my little bro grow up etc, am I ready to leave? NO!! I decided I am not ready yet, thus I told myself I have to overcome every single thing and pick myself up to live again and here I am!! A confident Model not scared of facing the camera, the public, and able to chat with anyone I wan freely with no boundaries, and no one could ever imagine I suffered
Autism before!! Amazing huh!! I can't believe I went through all that!!

So now, here's another amazing "quest" I want to overcome. I never like books. In fact, I hate them and get intimidated by them coz I don't understand them. They seriously scares me alot. I feel I'm being crushed by millions of alphabets. Since Sec 3, I have gave up trying to study and struggled badly for "N" and "O" Levels. I failed terribly as expected. Now, 7ys losing contact with books and words, am I able to pick up studying again? Am I going to leave this world having something to regret? NOOOO~!! I'm gonna overcome the fear of books and retake "O" Levels and APPLY TO BE AN AIR-STEWARDESS~!! My terrible fear of heights and unfamiliar places will be overcome-d next!! If I can overcome so much in my life, I CAN FREAKING OVERCOME ALL THESE~!!

I'm sure all of you will be supportive and happy for me. My purpose of sharing all these here on my blog? Is to let you all know: If a weak little simple naive girl like me can overcome so much and obtained so many "impossibles" in my life, why not YOU? 加油!! Don't ever allow yourself to leave this world with regret!! Good Luck!! *wink*

December 17, 2011

Class 95 Donation Drive

Was running errands when I heard about Class 95's "Miles For Smiles" program where they would be riding on a topless bus to travel to many locations in Singapore to collect donations with tin cans for Operation Smile Singapore, where children and young adults suffer from cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. SO MEANINGFUL~!! Not to mention I've always being a supporter of gorgeous Jean Danker ever since she was hosting "Say It With Music" with 98.7FM many years ago!! I had to meet Jean and make a donation!!

Hehe I was sooooo happy!! =P

December 16, 2011

Crime Watch 2011 Ep10

I was a "guest appearance" on last ep of Crime Watch for 2011 kakaka~ Why "guest appearance"? Coz it was god damn SHORT and can hardly see me hahaha...

Met Auntie Beatrice at MediaCorp while waiting for the bus to fetch us to location. She was one of the common old auntie Mediacorp always invited for filming. She sure shared with us alot about her filming experiences. Poor Auntie was having such a bad sore throat that her voice could hardly be heard, but she still talked to us so much hehe!! She's such a sweet friendly Auntie~

Reached the location finally..

Check out the show see if you can spot me~!!

If you noticed, one scene my hair was tied up and the other scene it was not. Coz I didnt have a hairband and someone gave me a very thin one, but it broke coz my hair was too thick and heavy. So I tried to "sneak" in without tying my hair but after some time someone noticed and asked me to tie it up with a RUBBER band. It was so painful ='(

It was fun though!! kakaka~ Hope to really film a series with MediaCorp soon!! =P

December 14, 2011

YWCA Xmas Charity Bazzar

Did my first xmas event and it's for a charity!! So meaning!! And all the kids and food and mascots, it was so fun!! Too bad most of the pics were in the memory card of my old camera who was stolen from me, thus only these pics were found. Can't wait for the next xmas to wear a santarina costume again!!

December 13, 2011

RIP my beloved MST

Today I looked at one of my ham ham, Moe Si Ting, (restless in Cantonese), he had gone so sick and weak he hardly move.. I got so worried and sad I push everything away and brought him to see the vet.. But the vet said it's too late and there's nothing we can do for him.. We can still feed him antibiotic still but it'd most likely kill him than save him.. But if we don give him anything, there's no way he can recover either.. Thus, I decided I have to feed him antibiotic even though there's only 1% of chance..

After bringing him home, I had to mash up some food and mix with water and feed him before medicine.. He was so weak he just lied there and except for his breathing, he's not moving at all.. I felt so sad and regretted not bringing him to the vet sooner.. Went to work after feeding him, still had to act professional during work and not let people know that I'm sad and heartbroken.. But when I finished work, he's gone.. Stiff and not moving anymore.. ='(

Sorry Moe Si Ting.. It was my fault not bringing you to the vet as soon as I noticed you sick.. Was so busy with work and events.. Looking back at all the pics I took of you, and remembering why I gave you the name Moe Si Ting coz when I saw you at the shop, you just ran everywhere and step on everyone's body.. I love your energy and action so much I had to bring you home.. Yet I didnt help keep your energy and caused you sick in the end..

Goodbye Moe Si Ting, I promise to take care of your wife Shui Fu (sleeping buddha, in Chinese). Hopeful you regain your energy and action in heaven and I hope you have alot of friends up there to play with you.. I love and misses you always.. *sobz*

December 8, 2011

Lisa's Bday

It was Lisa's birthday!! As she is a vegetarian, she bought us to this lovely place called "6 Sensations" at Millenia Walk for a feast!! The food is just sooooo delicious!!

After food, we found this balls where we could write our new year wishes on!! I just had to write some!!

Hehe~!! That's my ultaman (without the "r")~!! Look abit weird coz not used to draw so huge, hehe~!! Happy New Year Everyone, and Happy Birthday Lisa~!!

December 7, 2011


Went to the hospital to visit one of my old classmate.. After understanding his condition, I realised our health is really the most impt coz no matter how rich, happy or unhappy you are living now, health is really the most impt than anything.. Before you have love or hate someone, or give up or chase any dreams, whatever is it, without health, you cant do anything at all.. Aft the visit made me even more determined to live happily instead of having any hatred or unhappiness in my heart coz I'd never know when to expect anything serious to happen to me, or the world, or to anyone at all, so everyday I'm gonna live as if it's my last, so that if my life is to end abruptly, I will have no regrets..

December 3, 2011

Somersby @ Robertson Walk

Went to Robertson Walk for Somersby!!
Woohoo~!! Nice drink!!

The name of the drink is called the Somersby. It is a apple cider WITH alcohol content of 4.7%. Usually when I heard of apple cider, I'd connect it with apple cider vinegar and that will lead to "sour", "bitter" or even "disgusting", but Somersby is so much different!! It taste EXACTLY like sparkling apple juice!! I'm dead serious!! Amazing!! The more amazing part is that even though Somersby is a alcoholic drink, it does not have that alcoholic bitter taste like beer or liquor mixed drink, that's why I called Somersby a dangerous drink as it taste so sweet exactly like apple juice, you will accidentally get drunk!! Imagine drinking it during gathering dinner with your friends, and as the drink does not have any alcoholic taste to "remind" you that it is alcoholic, you will tend to chat happily with your friends, and chatting makes you thirsty, and then you would pick up the drink to quest your thirst, and oh oh~!! You will get high without noticing it!! LOL..

I was chatting with this group of people, they told me they have a "secret" plan of match-making this girl and guy friend, but they are just too shy. Thus they are going to fill up a apple juice bottle with Somersby and pretend to pour them apple juice during a dinner and make them drunk!! Oh no~!! Not sure if this is a good or bad idea man!! I wished them good luck and crossed my fingers!! =P

Lol now I sound like a "salesgirl" promoting this drink.. No la~ Just that I love to share good stuffs when I come across something good. And please note that I'm not PAID for this "advertisement"~!! Lol..

Check out their website if you wana find out more!! Click here!!

Enjoy some Somersby videos too~

Somersby Pre-Launch:

Somersby advertisements:

Enjoy your weekend!!

December 1, 2011

Vivo City 5th Anniversary

It's Vivo City 5th Anniversary~!! We were the ushers for this special event. All 12 of us. There's also a musical going on for the next few days!!
Check it out!!