February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day + Birthday Steamboat

Today's Valentine's Day and also my silly younger bro's birthday!! Know he loves to eat crayfish thus have been looking and asking around for a steamboat place that have crayfish. Alot of places either don't have or run out. Finally found this place called "Fortune Cuisine" at Blk 106 Sunset Way #01-38, NICE~!! =)

Crayfish~!! *happy for bro*

Silly bro with his fav food!!

See how much he enjoyed it!!

*enjoy enjoy*

Had a super nice and fun crayfish steamboat!! The 2 greedy boys ate so much crayfish!! Till my silly bro complained he's not gonna eat crayfish for months!! Haha~ Guess we're not the only ones who love crayfish. Coz other people also aiming for the crayfish everytime the staffs topped up. Haha.

Pretty reasonable price too. Adults $25.80. Also got student discount too. Saved alot hehe =P

Walk pass other shops and found this super big crab.

Went for dessert at mac's while fixing little bro's comp. So hard to make him smile for photo-taking!! Had alot of fun trying to make him laugh, haha!!

Had a nice time celebrating Valentine's Day and Birthday with the 2 boys *grin* =)


Anonymous said...

Hey, the man is your husband, right?

roch said...

Hey happy belated birthday to your bro!! i hear that ppl born on 14th Feb are interesting ppl. ;D