July 31, 2011

"The Pyramid" 35th Annual Dinner

Was a usher/server for an important dinner for The Pyramid. Not very sure what The Pyramid does, but I'm very sure it's a very important "secret" club that involved alot of important people like Goh Chok Tong and Lee Kuan Yew and alot of other important people.. They are all very serious looking yet they does not show any air nor acted like typical proud rich people.. They all brought their wives and children and family members and the place look so grand!! It was also my first time taking very close look at Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he is so old and he have eyes of experiences that no one have.. I was so honored to even have the chance to stand so near to Mr Lee =P

July 26, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 4/8

Today's session at JCM is about skin analysis & care, personal beauty treatment, day makeup and night makeup =)

Through tonight's course, I have learnt:
- The whole proper process of makeup removing, makeup enhancing and protection for face before makeup etc
- What and how to apply face cream, eye gel, moisturizer etc
- Importance of exfoliating and how to do it properly
- Some recommended products for makeup, moisturizers, makeup remover, BB cream etc
- How to apply eye shadow to allow our eyes to look deeper and catchy
- How to apply blusher to allow our cheekbones look so much fuller

What a informative course it was!! The trainer even shared with us till way over the expected ending time coz we have ending questions and enquires!! So much info!! Woohoo~!!

July 25, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 3/8

3rd session of the JCM course~!! What did we learnt today?? We learnt about catwalk 3/4 turn, wardrobe, matching with accessories, personal figure analysis and colour matching =)

For the catwalk, we learnt how to walk the catwalk, and do 3/4 turns to exchange place with the other catwalk partner, before walking back to our original place. It was so fun and make the whole catwalk thing look more like catwalk!! Hehehehe~
Over excited.. =P

During the wardrobe training, our trainer taught us alot about our body shapes and what to wear to enhance my look and min my flares..

For my body shape, the trainer taught me that:
- Tight necklace would look good on me, not like those loose hanging type. Those kind that tie tight on my neck is good
- Halter neck clothes with dark colour over my shoulders would look good on me
- What type of clothes to wear to allow my chest to look bigger
- Tops with prints and plain coloured bottoms will look better on me
- Dress will look better on me compared to pants
- If I need to wear pants, wear it with jacket to make my body look balanced
- Belt/Ribbon on tummy will look good on me
- A-lined skirts will suit me better than pencil skirts
- Balloon/Layered/Gathered bottom does not suit me
- If I want to look taller, I can try wearing same colour from top to bottom, with min divided line and my body will naturally look longer
- Loose/big top/jacket can tone down my bottom
- How to match accessories to improve the overall outlook on me

Before I attended this session, I always thought most of the clothes would look the same to all the girls.. Now I have learnt how to improve my outlook, how to magnify my good qualities and min my not-so-nice parts hehe~!! Nice one~!! I love this session!!

July 24, 2011

"Pirates of the Carribean" Assignment in Batam

Had a great fun assignment at Batam yesterday!! One whole batch of us invited to work as "extas" for this "Pirates of the Caribbean" party over there!! I heard there's around 70 over people as "extras"!! Fun!! No wonder we felt like we're having fun rather than working hehe~!! =P

Before the "extras" arrived, the organizers were already there getting all the stuffs ready..

We were on our way!!

Reached Batam's jetty!!

On our way to the resort!!

Tell us how not to feel as if we were on vacation instead of working!!

Haha nope that's not the "ship" we gonna work on~

Look at all the nice views!! After this assignment I definitely will be back for a proper chill out time!! It's also a great place for photoshoot too!! *excited* =)

Check out the "ships" we were working on~!!

Yup!! All these were nicely built by the organizers just for the event!! Amazing right!! *wink*

Making friends and settling down for briefing, rehearsal and makeup..

Basically, our roles are like this:

Royal Red Coats: They were led by Lieutenant Chaunsey. They holds a sword and are uptight, pompous and order everyone around. They also keep the law police the crowd and dragging a thief behind them, handing out wanted posters of Malacca Mike.

Prisoner: Dragged around tied up by the soldiers. Sometimes resist, sometimes just walk around resigned and tired. Once in a while call out to mamasan Luciola, and whistle at her girls.

Mamasan Luciola: Lure pirates, calling out guys to her girls. Shouting and ordering her girls and wenches around.

: Trying to get business, chased by drunken pirates, fight with other wenches.

Wenches (I'm one of them!!): Seduce and flirt with pirates, fight with prostitutes, create trouble everywhere, selling fruits at the stall, chasing the beggar away from the stalls

Pirates: Flirting with the prostitutes and wenches, pulling the sails and ropes, rolling barrels around, getting drunk

Stall Owners: Trying to sell beer to everyone, looking down on wenches and beggar

Beggar: Ask everyone for money, try to steal anything and everything. Goes around creating trouble.

Mermaids: Sometimes stay in the water, sometimes beside the pool. Try to seduce people to them to push them into the water

Everyone's to be dirty, disheveled, colorful, loud and rowdy. The whole place is supposed to be noisy and crowded with alot of bad singing, and lots of people creating trouble and heckling the crowd. Real live snakes and roosters all over the place.

After understanding what we are supposed to do, we got busy in trying to locate our costumes, getting makeup/hair done and most impt, getting dirty~

Ok!! Enough of goofing~!! Time for briefing and food before the show~!!

Kakaka~!! I think we had alot of fun more than working~!!! That was such a nice experience~!! Hope can work for this yearly event again next year!! *looking forward*