February 10, 2011

Disco Taxi

Took a special taxi today!! So many blinking lights in the taxi feel like disco man!! Somemore the system!! Woohoo~!! Damn POWER!! Buahahaha~

Asked the uncle how much it cost, he say enjoy these kind of things cannot see money one. Sure feel cold water. Hehe. But from the way he told me things, confirm cost more than 2k!! *fainted* He only received the taxi less than 3months only lo!! But really very nice la, hehe. He pay I enjoy can liao hehe!!

Damn I didn't enjoyed it for "free" lo!! He see me distracted he drove me one big round!! The usual cost costed me $2 more!! Damn!! Never mind la, $2 to enjoy the lightings also worth it, cannot often can already liao. Hehe~

1 comment:

carl said...

at least you get to enjoy the lights and sounds of the taxi.... hehehe