September 1, 2010

Bon Bon Amour Chic Face Rummage Results

Results for
Bon Bon Amour Chic Face Rummage
Aug 2010 is out!!

Kimberly Meagan (9 votes)

Stephanie Phua (47 votes)

Melisa Tan (27 votes)

Rachel Chee (322 votes)

Berdine Neo (90 votes)

Felicia Ng (42 votes)

Cherie Kiyomi Lim (31 votes)

Joy Tan Yilan (46 votes)

Reinee Kok (128 votes)

Claris Goh (51 votes)

Linda Ng (266 votes)

Jenesta Thong (212votes)

Valerie (30 votes)

Chloe Poon (50 votes)

Alicia Goh (9 votes)

Cheryl Jean (29 votes)

Sharlynn Eliora Ang (24 votes)

Reiko Lee (94 votes)

Ashley Tuen (165 votes)

Cheryl Lim (23 votes)

Sochii (63 votes)

Eileen Yap (147 votes)

Joycelyn Lau (113 votes)

Xiu Hui (5 votes)

Sufancia (35 votes)

Yenny Bay (25 votes)

Yvonne Kong (4 votes)

Esther Ho (12 votes)

Zacquine Miken (27 votes)

Lorraine Tang (31 votes)

Kimy Yue (44 votes)

Miyuki (8 votes)

Elaine Yeo (5 votes)

Janet Loh (11 votes)

Rebecca (21 votes)

Thanks to all my friends for voting for me!! Am sooooo happy and appreciate each and every vote!!

Congrats to:
2nd runner up: Linda Ng with 266 votes
3rd runner up: Jenesta with 212 votes
4th runner up: Ashley Tuen with 165 votes
5th runner up: Eileen Yap with 147 votes