February 26, 2011

I have USD$40m~!!

Haha!! I inherited USD$40m from a "relative"!!

Haha I know this is a scam la~ Just got amazed a little coz this person at least made the effort to put in a name related to mine!! Hehe~ Good Job~ =P

February 23, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Course Part 3/3

Went for the LAST session of Adobe Photoshop course today *sobz*

Today, I have learnt even MORE interesting stuffs!! They're beyond words!! I feel like GOD being able to edit how people look!! Buhahahah~

So what have we learnt??

- how to add text into pics
- how to create text with special effects
- how to blur / smudge a certain area of the pic
- how to sharpen certain area of the pic
- how to lighten certain area of pic
(good tool to remove eye bags)
- how to darken certain area of pic
(good tool to add on eye shadow / sunburn look)
- how to make only a certain area of the pic grayscale
(good for art)
- how to make a person's face distorted
(good for "revenging" on someone I hate, buhahaha~)
- how to mosaic
(buhahahaha~ alot of use!!)
- how to make background of model blur
- how to make a car pic look like it zoom passed
- how to make someone look thinner / fatter
(very impt for me!! =P)
- how to create frames for pics
and many more others..

Had really so much fun in the course!! Now I know much more of the basics I just need to connect them together and then I can create wonders liao!! Yoohoo~!! *happy happy*

Trainer taught us about creating advertisement too and this is the one I designed. Yeah la I know very plain la, but we were only given 15mins!! And 15mins to newbies is VERY tight lo~ So I consider this pretty good already hehe!! =P

Had tons of fun and learnt tons of things through this course!! Would surely highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to Adobe Photoshoot!! PM me if you need the details!! =)

February 22, 2011

Exit Intereview

MBS arranged for an exit interview with me yesterday. Talk to someone from the HR dept. A nice friendly lady concerned about what I would be working as after leaving MBS. While chatting with her, I almost cried. Coz the impact of leaving finally is sinking inside me. I realised.. I really love the job.. Why make me leave something I love? I had so much fun!! Out of so many interesting jobs, I really love this one and really feel important. Sigh.

I also don't understand all the news against MBS and about staffs who are unhappy. They must have not gone through bad bosses and bad working environment to enjoy what MBS provides us. Why are they so silly.. Sigh.. Well well.. I'm leaving too, so what can I say?? *sob*

February 19, 2011

Safra PK Challenge

Went for Safra PK Singing Contest yesterday!! Not me la. It's my friend. Accompany him only, hehe!!

Met Eleen and her friend while queuing!! So nice to see her again!! Had tons of fun and laughters!! Also managed to meet sister Candyce, she still remembered me!! So sweet of her =)

(please don't mind me without makeup. Was feeling abit unwell la..)

Sweet sister Candyce =)

Eleen taking pics of her friend on stage =P

Went for dinner after the contest =)

Yum Yum~!! =)

Wish my friend and Eleen good luck, hope they get into the finals!! *grin*

Online Business from Home talk

Went for a talk this morning and learnt quite some interesting stuffs!!

- how to appear right on top in search engines
- trend data
- how to attract / increase traffic
- adsense
- how to be search engine friendly etc

After this talk, I understand how to do my blog better now!! Hehe!! *happy*
But nowadays too busy la.. Have to find one day to really sit down and do all those to increase my blog, before it goes "extinct" =P

February 16, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Course Part 2/3

Went for the Adobe Photoshop 2nd lesson today!!
Another fun and informative session!!

Today, we learnt:
- how to combine 2 pics (or more) togther with
transparent background
- history brush tool
- remove unwanted part in the pic and make the
pic look natural
- remove wrinkles / eyebags and make the whole
face look natural
- change colour of clothes and even add patterns on it
- and many more

Phew!! Learnt so much things in a session alone!! Now I will not easily believe in pictures anymore with so high standard of editing of pics!! @_@!!

February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day + Birthday Steamboat

Today's Valentine's Day and also my silly younger bro's birthday!! Know he loves to eat crayfish thus have been looking and asking around for a steamboat place that have crayfish. Alot of places either don't have or run out. Finally found this place called "Fortune Cuisine" at Blk 106 Sunset Way #01-38, NICE~!! =)

Crayfish~!! *happy for bro*

Silly bro with his fav food!!

See how much he enjoyed it!!

*enjoy enjoy*

Had a super nice and fun crayfish steamboat!! The 2 greedy boys ate so much crayfish!! Till my silly bro complained he's not gonna eat crayfish for months!! Haha~ Guess we're not the only ones who love crayfish. Coz other people also aiming for the crayfish everytime the staffs topped up. Haha.

Pretty reasonable price too. Adults $25.80. Also got student discount too. Saved alot hehe =P

Walk pass other shops and found this super big crab.

Went for dessert at mac's while fixing little bro's comp. So hard to make him smile for photo-taking!! Had alot of fun trying to make him laugh, haha!!

Had a nice time celebrating Valentine's Day and Birthday with the 2 boys *grin* =)