February 11, 2011

Mountain of.......

............ medicines~ sigh~.......

Mostly for back/shoulder pain and inflammation.. For swelling, painkillers, panado, muscle relaxant, antibotics, blah blah blah.. Don they look like drugs.. Or sweets?? Haha, everyday eat them, feel so like eating sweets lo~

Actually these are not ALL.. Still got some on my table, in the fridge, and all over the place.. and the mountain of rubs.. sigh..

Why so many?? Coz the docs said to stop when the pain stop, if not the med will stay in my body and build up which is bad for my body.. So whenever I feel pain beyond words, I'd need to go to the clinic and take mc and they would give me new med, if not how to get mc so that I could rest at home and not worsen my pain? So that's how the mountain of med build up man.. sian.. Luckily my last day in MBS is coming soon.. Pretty sad about it actually coz I really had alot of fun in the casino.. But how to continue when all these pain and inflammation and cough and all the shit just keep coming non-stop? Health and fun, well of coz I'd have to choose.. Goodbye fun.. At least I have my fair share before I am being forced to give up.. Well if I don't give casino up, how would I start full time in modeling and property?? I'd treat it as a blessing in disguise ba =)

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