February 19, 2012

Transformer Show Flyer Distribution @ Orchard

Went to Orchard Road for distributing of this Transformer show @ RWS. It was so nice to meet all the girls and we had so much fun and laughters!!

This is the flyers that we were giving out:

You can check out the show here

Lunch @ Mos Burger!!

Going back to work~

We finished all the flyers 1hr earlier than expected, and we were taking pics all over the place, lol..

Finished work lo~!!

Had a great day with the girls,
can't wait to see them again!!

February 17, 2012

Ricoh Shanghai Mafia D&D @ Arena

Since I left MBS in Mar 2011, I've always been wishing and praying to receive a croupier related assignment, and one year later, I did!! Ricoh was having a Shanghai Mafia D&D at Arena Clark Quay, and we 5 girls were the croupiers for the Blackjack, Roulette and Sic Bo games. I had so much fun!! I chose Roulette coz I've dealt pontoon and sic bo before in MBS, omg it was SO FREAKING FUN and hectic and crazy!! The guys were sort of playing all over the place creating chaos!!

Hopefully can receive more croupier related assignments again!! I MISS DEALING!! I MISS THE CHIPS!! I MISS PAYMENTS!! I MISS THE CARDS!! I MISS SAYING "PLACE YOUR BETS" AND "NO MORE BETS"~!! I MISS PONTOON THE BEST~!!!! (T_T) *sobz*

February 13, 2012

Registering for "O" Levels courses

Finally, finally, finally, plans are falling into place. Today I finally got myself registered for courses for "O" Levels!! Registered a total of 5 subjects, which are English, Maths, Science (Physics and Chemistry), Literature and Principle of Accounts.

English and Maths are pretty expected. Science will be a challenge for me as I've never been a science person and they really bore me to death. Literature is my FAVOURITE!! And if i'm not wrong, the text is Romeo and Juliet, one text that I had wished for in sec sch!! And then there's the Principle of Accounts which i have never ever took before, but people around me said that if I have taken book-keeping before, this should not be a problem, and i hope deeply so..

Now that things are finally and really falling into place, i'm gonna make it work. I only have ONE chance and i will conquer it~!! Wooohooo~!!