December 31, 2011

Last post of Rosie Cheeks for 2011

So fast, it's the end of 2011 already. Looking back, it's been 2yrs since I step into modeling line, and these 2yrs have been very very exciting, fruitful and eventful for me. For 2012, there's even more I want to do. Of coz, the most biggest and "well-known" one is going back to study and retaking O "levels" so that I can apply as an air-stewardess with SQ the following year. So I guess next year my events and assignments will have to be 2nd in the row compared to studies.

During sec sch times, books, alphabets and letters are scary and intimating to me. I just ran away from them and never overcome them face to face. Next year, I'm gonna look at them right in the face no matter how hard and stressful they will be. I will score my bestest and see how high i can score. This is my mst ultimate goal and wish and resolution I have for 2012. Wish me luck!!

So what's your 2012 resolution??

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