December 16, 2011

Crime Watch 2011 Ep10

I was a "guest appearance" on last ep of Crime Watch for 2011 kakaka~ Why "guest appearance"? Coz it was god damn SHORT and can hardly see me hahaha...

Met Auntie Beatrice at MediaCorp while waiting for the bus to fetch us to location. She was one of the common old auntie Mediacorp always invited for filming. She sure shared with us alot about her filming experiences. Poor Auntie was having such a bad sore throat that her voice could hardly be heard, but she still talked to us so much hehe!! She's such a sweet friendly Auntie~

Reached the location finally..

Check out the show see if you can spot me~!!

If you noticed, one scene my hair was tied up and the other scene it was not. Coz I didnt have a hairband and someone gave me a very thin one, but it broke coz my hair was too thick and heavy. So I tried to "sneak" in without tying my hair but after some time someone noticed and asked me to tie it up with a RUBBER band. It was so painful ='(

It was fun though!! kakaka~ Hope to really film a series with MediaCorp soon!! =P

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