December 3, 2011

Somersby @ Robertson Walk

Went to Robertson Walk for Somersby!!
Woohoo~!! Nice drink!!

The name of the drink is called the Somersby. It is a apple cider WITH alcohol content of 4.7%. Usually when I heard of apple cider, I'd connect it with apple cider vinegar and that will lead to "sour", "bitter" or even "disgusting", but Somersby is so much different!! It taste EXACTLY like sparkling apple juice!! I'm dead serious!! Amazing!! The more amazing part is that even though Somersby is a alcoholic drink, it does not have that alcoholic bitter taste like beer or liquor mixed drink, that's why I called Somersby a dangerous drink as it taste so sweet exactly like apple juice, you will accidentally get drunk!! Imagine drinking it during gathering dinner with your friends, and as the drink does not have any alcoholic taste to "remind" you that it is alcoholic, you will tend to chat happily with your friends, and chatting makes you thirsty, and then you would pick up the drink to quest your thirst, and oh oh~!! You will get high without noticing it!! LOL..

I was chatting with this group of people, they told me they have a "secret" plan of match-making this girl and guy friend, but they are just too shy. Thus they are going to fill up a apple juice bottle with Somersby and pretend to pour them apple juice during a dinner and make them drunk!! Oh no~!! Not sure if this is a good or bad idea man!! I wished them good luck and crossed my fingers!! =P

Lol now I sound like a "salesgirl" promoting this drink.. No la~ Just that I love to share good stuffs when I come across something good. And please note that I'm not PAID for this "advertisement"~!! Lol..

Check out their website if you wana find out more!! Click here!!

Enjoy some Somersby videos too~

Somersby Pre-Launch:

Somersby advertisements:

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

You make it sounds great.... I trust your taste. Will go and have a try when I am back.