December 13, 2011

RIP my beloved MST

Today I looked at one of my ham ham, Moe Si Ting, (restless in Cantonese), he had gone so sick and weak he hardly move.. I got so worried and sad I push everything away and brought him to see the vet.. But the vet said it's too late and there's nothing we can do for him.. We can still feed him antibiotic still but it'd most likely kill him than save him.. But if we don give him anything, there's no way he can recover either.. Thus, I decided I have to feed him antibiotic even though there's only 1% of chance..

After bringing him home, I had to mash up some food and mix with water and feed him before medicine.. He was so weak he just lied there and except for his breathing, he's not moving at all.. I felt so sad and regretted not bringing him to the vet sooner.. Went to work after feeding him, still had to act professional during work and not let people know that I'm sad and heartbroken.. But when I finished work, he's gone.. Stiff and not moving anymore.. ='(

Sorry Moe Si Ting.. It was my fault not bringing you to the vet as soon as I noticed you sick.. Was so busy with work and events.. Looking back at all the pics I took of you, and remembering why I gave you the name Moe Si Ting coz when I saw you at the shop, you just ran everywhere and step on everyone's body.. I love your energy and action so much I had to bring you home.. Yet I didnt help keep your energy and caused you sick in the end..

Goodbye Moe Si Ting, I promise to take care of your wife Shui Fu (sleeping buddha, in Chinese). Hopeful you regain your energy and action in heaven and I hope you have alot of friends up there to play with you.. I love and misses you always.. *sobz*

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