December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve with my family

Every year for christmas, it's been always orchard road with lights and music and squeezing with people and spray cans and colorful strings and smelly bodies.. This year, I went home in JB to hang out with my family, and it was so heart-warming!!

Look at my brother. This is BEFORE 12am..

This is after 12am. Hahaha~

Next morning, greeted Merry Christmas by Pepper.
Can't help making fun of him haha..

My uncle's breakfast mee got extra ingredient.
Did you spot it? It's extra big!!

The naught ones are kept outside the house.

Look at what the dogs did to my new shoes!!
They bite the ribbon and roses off!!
My shoes were less than 1week old!! T_T

Had a nice simple heart-warming christmas with my family members. Have to make an effort to spend more time with them.. Did you enjoy yours?? =)

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