July 24, 2011

"Pirates of the Carribean" Assignment in Batam

Had a great fun assignment at Batam yesterday!! One whole batch of us invited to work as "extas" for this "Pirates of the Caribbean" party over there!! I heard there's around 70 over people as "extras"!! Fun!! No wonder we felt like we're having fun rather than working hehe~!! =P

Before the "extras" arrived, the organizers were already there getting all the stuffs ready..

We were on our way!!

Reached Batam's jetty!!

On our way to the resort!!

Tell us how not to feel as if we were on vacation instead of working!!

Haha nope that's not the "ship" we gonna work on~

Look at all the nice views!! After this assignment I definitely will be back for a proper chill out time!! It's also a great place for photoshoot too!! *excited* =)

Check out the "ships" we were working on~!!

Yup!! All these were nicely built by the organizers just for the event!! Amazing right!! *wink*

Making friends and settling down for briefing, rehearsal and makeup..

Basically, our roles are like this:

Royal Red Coats: They were led by Lieutenant Chaunsey. They holds a sword and are uptight, pompous and order everyone around. They also keep the law police the crowd and dragging a thief behind them, handing out wanted posters of Malacca Mike.

Prisoner: Dragged around tied up by the soldiers. Sometimes resist, sometimes just walk around resigned and tired. Once in a while call out to mamasan Luciola, and whistle at her girls.

Mamasan Luciola: Lure pirates, calling out guys to her girls. Shouting and ordering her girls and wenches around.

: Trying to get business, chased by drunken pirates, fight with other wenches.

Wenches (I'm one of them!!): Seduce and flirt with pirates, fight with prostitutes, create trouble everywhere, selling fruits at the stall, chasing the beggar away from the stalls

Pirates: Flirting with the prostitutes and wenches, pulling the sails and ropes, rolling barrels around, getting drunk

Stall Owners: Trying to sell beer to everyone, looking down on wenches and beggar

Beggar: Ask everyone for money, try to steal anything and everything. Goes around creating trouble.

Mermaids: Sometimes stay in the water, sometimes beside the pool. Try to seduce people to them to push them into the water

Everyone's to be dirty, disheveled, colorful, loud and rowdy. The whole place is supposed to be noisy and crowded with alot of bad singing, and lots of people creating trouble and heckling the crowd. Real live snakes and roosters all over the place.

After understanding what we are supposed to do, we got busy in trying to locate our costumes, getting makeup/hair done and most impt, getting dirty~

Ok!! Enough of goofing~!! Time for briefing and food before the show~!!

Kakaka~!! I think we had alot of fun more than working~!!! That was such a nice experience~!! Hope can work for this yearly event again next year!! *looking forward*

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