July 9, 2011

My Look in 2009~

I guess every superstar or great looking babes/models have their fair share of an "ordinary" simple look before they were famous. Let me share with you my fat fat look in early 2009 right before I step into modeling line:

LOL~!! Funny right!! Haha~
Guess What was my "secret"?
Diet? Nope~
Exercise? Nope~
Pills / Cream? Nope~
It was the CIGARETTES~

Yup. I slimmed down coz I started smoking at that time. Luckily I quitted after 1yr before it got hard to quit. Lol.. I love food so much!! That pic wasn't even my fattest yet!! My record was 63kg and I didn't dare to step on the weighing machine for years till I slimmed down!! Kakaka~ Now still love food la but luckily not as greedy as before, hehe!! Now have to watch my diet coz of the industry I'm in, lol..

Hope you guys had a great SHOCK with my pic!!
Will post more soon!!
Check out my blog again!! =P

1 comment:

Josiris David said...

omg cigarettes.

but glad that u quit.