July 25, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 3/8

3rd session of the JCM course~!! What did we learnt today?? We learnt about catwalk 3/4 turn, wardrobe, matching with accessories, personal figure analysis and colour matching =)

For the catwalk, we learnt how to walk the catwalk, and do 3/4 turns to exchange place with the other catwalk partner, before walking back to our original place. It was so fun and make the whole catwalk thing look more like catwalk!! Hehehehe~
Over excited.. =P

During the wardrobe training, our trainer taught us alot about our body shapes and what to wear to enhance my look and min my flares..

For my body shape, the trainer taught me that:
- Tight necklace would look good on me, not like those loose hanging type. Those kind that tie tight on my neck is good
- Halter neck clothes with dark colour over my shoulders would look good on me
- What type of clothes to wear to allow my chest to look bigger
- Tops with prints and plain coloured bottoms will look better on me
- Dress will look better on me compared to pants
- If I need to wear pants, wear it with jacket to make my body look balanced
- Belt/Ribbon on tummy will look good on me
- A-lined skirts will suit me better than pencil skirts
- Balloon/Layered/Gathered bottom does not suit me
- If I want to look taller, I can try wearing same colour from top to bottom, with min divided line and my body will naturally look longer
- Loose/big top/jacket can tone down my bottom
- How to match accessories to improve the overall outlook on me

Before I attended this session, I always thought most of the clothes would look the same to all the girls.. Now I have learnt how to improve my outlook, how to magnify my good qualities and min my not-so-nice parts hehe~!! Nice one~!! I love this session!!

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