July 18, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 1/8

Today's the first day of JCM modeling course!! Pretty excited in making new friends and new stuffs!! So what did we learnt today?? Today's course about visual poise - poisture / deportment, and catwalk 1/2 turn.

What is "visual poise - poisture / deportment"? Some examples that we learnt:
- How to sit and position ourselves like a lady
- How to cross and place our legs like a lady
- How to bend down to pick something like a lady
- How to shake hand professionally and confidently
- How to exchange namecards and what to do after exchanging of namecards
- How to open and close the door like a lady
- How to hold our handbag like a lady

And of coz, we were taught the basics of catwalk:
- How to stand confidently
- How to place our hands
- How to walk with our hips swaying sexily
- How to stop at the end of the walkway and turn to walk back

NICE~!! Learnt so much tonight!! Can't wait to attend the next one tomor!! Woohoo~!!

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