July 17, 2011

A nice weekend getaway Kukup trip

Had a nice great short weekend getaway to Kukup (Msia)~!! It was such a nice one~ Less than $80/pax somemore hehe~!!

Initially wanted to plan one with my own group of people but could not managed to gather min 11pax.. You see, in order to have the organizer to arrange a bus to fetch us there, must at least 10pax. and in order to enjoy the $86/pax package, must have 11pax if not is $89/pax.. I could only managed to gather 7pax.. So in the end I found out from one of my friend that he have another group of friends also going on same date and also facing same prob so I asked him if can link us 2 groups together hehe~ Clever me right haha~ Saving all the long stories on the process of the arrangements, we just eventually managed to get it arranged and set off with 18pax on 16 July 2011~!!

I have this good old buddy of 11yrs, Miss Iris Lim, and she have an interesting nickname since our secondary times.. "Alien", they all called her.. Know why?? Coz she have the status of "Stateless" on her IC even though she was born in Singapore, haha.. I'd save the stories and reasons for her to explain if you have the chance to meet her personally ba!! =P

Check out her alien passport, green in colour,
rare in Singapore =P

Her stateless IC

Took us 2 mini buses to get all 18 of us there.. Had alot of lame cold riddles and jokes during the journey and had so much laughs, hehe!! The previous night I had an assignment all the way till 2am, and due to "over-excitement", I could not sleep thus went to meet some friends for supper and drinks, and reach home at 6am, rushed bathing and last min packing, and rush off to meeting point, SALUTE ME!! Kakakaka~

Anyway most of the pics are credits to all the wonderful photographers and friends, esp those nice nice ones, hehe!!

Reached the place for seafood lunch.. Damn cool place.. Like kampong like that.. Actually I came here before with my family 4yrs ago.. SO this place is just so nice and cosy and familiar..

Nope not this one.. This was the one next door haha..
The one we ate 4ys ago..

Yup this is the one..My dear little bro.. love to bring him to places
and to makan here and there hehe..
Dote him so much..

My good old alien buddy =P

See I so happy, haha.. Lame la ya I know..

Xavien "showing off" how good his camera is
by taking my eyeball shot

Kana tou pai when helping me take pics haha..

Trying to pour the hot tea into the cups without stopping haha

Greedy greedy!!

Now you see it..

Now you don't!!

You know what is a good camera/photographer??
A normal one take normal pics like this:

A good camera/photographer can make the fish bone looks so beautiful:


Naughty bro forcing the poor fish's mouth open..

And gave it eye mask and "food" to eat.
Rest In Peace..

Setting off to the chalet!!


Mud Skippers!!

Pillow Fighting Time~!!

Haha ya I have to admit I was the one who started it and got everyone in the room fighting too, while some others were playing majiong, singing,
checking out the place etc..

"Dinosaur bones"

Found a school here and checked it out..
They have only 1 classroom for every level.
Example: 1 classroom only for primary 1,
1 for primary 2 etc..

The people BBQ for us while we were cruising around

We had a great dinner time with more seafood and seafood and seafood!! Along side are all the fireworks and floating lanterns shows, hehe!! We were enjoying the fireworks and laughing at those lanterns successfully floating in the waters that we FORGOT to take pics!! All 18 of us nobody thought of taking pics at all!! Till everything almost ended then we rmb!! Duh~ Had fun though, hehe!! *happy*

The guys trying so hard to catch something..

Congrats to Xavien's ever first something out
of the waters!! Hehe!!What an interesting
crab with purple kiap kiap!!

After that we had a long nice game of Cluedo, an old memorable game of mine with lots of memories in secondary.. I used to play with some very close friends during school times when our exams were finished and we were waiting for the holidays.. Well Well~ We had so much fun with the game all the way tilll 5am till we all seriously DROP DEAD~ Phew~!! Woke up pretty late the next day and almost missed the breakfast.. The aunt had to prepare 2x coz we woke up seriously like in the afternoon.. Missed the boat ride to the fish farm.. Well.. Leave some stuffs to visit for the next visit ba.. We'd be back again~!!

Had another round of seafood lunch at the restaurant before going to buy some stuffs back.. Brought so much tidbits and food for my dear old mummy hehe!!


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