July 26, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 4/8

Today's session at JCM is about skin analysis & care, personal beauty treatment, day makeup and night makeup =)

Through tonight's course, I have learnt:
- The whole proper process of makeup removing, makeup enhancing and protection for face before makeup etc
- What and how to apply face cream, eye gel, moisturizer etc
- Importance of exfoliating and how to do it properly
- Some recommended products for makeup, moisturizers, makeup remover, BB cream etc
- How to apply eye shadow to allow our eyes to look deeper and catchy
- How to apply blusher to allow our cheekbones look so much fuller

What a informative course it was!! The trainer even shared with us till way over the expected ending time coz we have ending questions and enquires!! So much info!! Woohoo~!!

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