July 6, 2011

Boulevard (Archipelago)

Went to Boulevard to promote this "new" beer Achipelago.. Why "new" leh? Coz this beer actually already have a loooooooong story, all the way to World War 2, but it seems like recently that the beer is trying to make itself known in Singapore.. So it's "new" beer with a god damn long history ba, lol.. Nice beer.. Check it out al Millenia Walk, place damn cool and nice, I'm gonna arrange to meet my old friends there soon!! =)

Damn, didn't take pic again. Guess why~ I didn't forget to take.. I didn't forget to bring my camera.. But I forget to bring MEMORY CARD. Duh~ I make myself faint at times.. Sigh.. Love the uniform lo.. So cute, lol.. It was something like this:

Well well.. next time got chance then take ba =)

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