March 2, 2011

Vote for me in Belumni!!

Voting for Belumni finally started!! The other 3 babes are BEAUTIFUL~ Have to work a little harder to make sure I win the contest!! Hehe don't ask me what is the prize, didn't really check it out. Just wana win coz I feel bad if I lose!! Hehe.. Okok, I should have more confidence la~

Anyway, I think the contest started on 28 Feb (Mon) but I only managed to check it out today (Wed) coz I was too busy la (as usual).. Everyone of us have around 5votes each.. I posted on FB and asked for helping in voting, and wooohooo~ I was leading!! Hope to stay in the lead all the way~

Below is a simple pic telling you how to vote. No signup or anything at all!! That's what I like, hehe!! Simple and easy!!

Remember to help me vote oh!!

Anyway, for those who missed my interview with Belumni, click here
to check it out =)

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