March 1, 2011

Last Day in MBS

Today.. Is my last day in MBS.. Very very sad.. But at least, managed to ask PM to help me arrange my fav game for me to deal.. Pontoon.. A very tiring game and make me stoned for so many countless times. But I seriously love this game deep deep insode my bones so much.. Guess I have to rest alot for coming few days to recover the constant dealing of pontoon..

Leaving MBS.. I seriously have benefited so much.. Working in MBS, apart from the obvious reason of being able to count soooo much better and FASTER, I have also been "trained" to do things in high speed. Count in high speed, change clothes in high speed, walk in high speed, EAT in high speed (and get indigestions everytime), talk in high speed, and also walk and press handphone in high speed too, haha.. Serious!!

I still rmb the first time I started dealing as a dealer. I was trained to deal baccarat, sic bo, and money wheel initially. So I was being sent to deal baccarat most of the time. That time my counting is sooooo SLOW and always WRONG!! Omg that players always laugh at me and even ask if I need a calculator!! Duh~ It became worse when I was trained for pontoon (pretty similar to blackjack) and three pictures!! These 2 games need even more counting and have to be FAST! Players laugh at me even more and once they asked again if I need a calculator and I shot back saying "ya I need, you have anot". Duh! They also always say this! "Huh! Like that also count so long ah!" Now? I don't "count", I the the numbers I know how much already. Coz I see the numbers so frequent I don't even need to count! For example, I see a picture and a 3, I know they need a 8 for immed payment. If I see anything bigger than 8, I know they burst. Anything lower is ok. Same for 7 & 4, 2 & 9, 5 & 6 etc. Hehe..

Now, leaving MBS, there's some stuffs that I wana do. First is to cut my fridge!! Why wait till after leaving then can cut? Coz with the fridge blocking my view, I can't concentrate on counting. So have to keep it longer so that can pin in easily. Now can cut liao!! Hehe!! And not to mention to dye my hair and to grow my nails!! Yoohoo~ Now I can also apply for assignments and go for contests without worrying if my shift would clash or if I could fing anyone to swap. Can zzz longer and can arrange my own programs without being worrying if I have enough zzz or energy after work in MBS..

Goodbye MBS.. You have truly gave an a magnificent experiences indeed. I appreciate it very much and will remember the place for the rest of my life.. And I will be back!! As a PLAYER!! See you till then!! =)

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