March 9, 2011

Casting for TVC

Went for a casting at Golden Agri Plaza today. Had alot of fun!! The lady asked me to pretend I'm a teacher scolding a young student who refused to do his homework and refused to look at me even though I am scolding him. So I pretended I was scolding my little bro but the problem is, I have to scold in ENGLISH!! *faint* At home we always convers in Chinese, thus I had alot of prob scolding in English, and had to "NG" so many times, haha.. Still, I did my best and am happy with my results. *grin* Thanks to that nice sweet lady for being so patient with me!! Hehe!! Alot of people said I have the teacher look too before I step into this modeling line, so hope my looks will help!! Wish me luck!! =)

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