March 4, 2011


Today went back to MBS for handover. Wow. It was not just a simple handover man.

It started at the security. Tried tapping my card door many times REFUSED to open. "Card Expired". DUH~ Went to security counter. Say I quit already that's why door won't open. Told them I am doing handover. How to do handover if they don't let me in. Argued very long then let me in.

On the way to locker (HR girl said to clear my locker before handover), security woman ran to me say I cannot go anywhere before going to HR. Told her HR ask me clear locker before handover. She say CANNOT. *roll eyes* No choice went HR. Wait for long. Finally someone came and said the person in charge of my case is ON LEAVE. Duh~ Have to wait even more coz she need to call the person in charge abt my case. Wait wait wait. Waste my time. Finally came back to me. Ask me if I'm ready for handover. I said haven't clear locker. Ask me why haven't clear. Told her lame security refused to let me go anywhere. Then she ask me clear locker first. After almost 1h. Still the same. Double lame.

On my way to locker. Realized dono the name of the person who attended to me. Walked all the way back. Can't seems to reg that lady again. Ask the recept and got her name. Walk all the way to locker again.

On the way, went to Team Conceige see can buy any souvenir. See very long time can't seems to see anything I like. Eventually bought only this:

Ya I know it looks very simple and cheap. What do you expect for $12? At least this one is better than the $5 one lo!! Sian. All look so cheapskate one..

Went to dining room. Wana print my payslips first. Went to 1st comp. Payslip icon missing. 2nd comp. Logged in cannot print. 3rd comp. CANNOT log in. Keep saying access denied. SIGH. wtf....

Finally went to locker. Luckily brought another bag to empty my locker. Thought very little things only. Together with my own bag plus the stuffs from locker, Heavy!

Walked pretty slowly with all the stuffs. Practically dragging them on the floor. Finally reached uniform dept. HR said to visit the uniform dept and ask the people there check out my uniforms. Should be fast. Coz not many people queuing. In the end spent 20mins there coz their system indicated that all my uniforms are there yet 1 set went missing and they can't find it. Duh~

HR keep calling me coz they are finishing work. What to do? Uniform dept lost my uniform!! *faint* Went back to HR do all the handover. My padlocks, cards, form.. DAMN!! Can't find my License and TM Card!! They went MISSING!! Rumbled through everything just can't find it!! The lady asked me go Lost & Found look for it.

Walked all the way to the Lost & Found, and waited for them to attend to me. Someone just found a handbag somewhere in MBS and brought it here. They have emptied the whole bag and spread all over the table. Wow I guess my bag is not the only one with tons of junk!! Kakakaka~ Saw also some UNDERWEAR. I mean. People came with underwear and left without? *faint* Finally they attended to me. But they said nobody came with my cards. Die. Wrote me a report and I walked all the way back to HR. Yawn. Why is MBS sooooo big.. Walk one place to another like walk the maze like that.. *tired*

Reached back to HR. They handed me all my certificates for all the trainings I have been through in MBS. All 5 of them. But still got 2 missing. They also dono how or when I will get them. Sigh. After all the stuffs signed and asked, finally can leave. Dragging my stuffs again, the lady have to accompany me to the security and tap me out. Sian.

Finally left the place. Total took me 2hrs. Taking one last look at the underground place.. I said a teary sad goodbye and left with my heart crying. Luckily I asked my friend to wait for me outside. Keep talking and chatting to distract myself from crying.. *Sob*

Goodbye MBS..
Goodbye TM Street..
Goodbye maze..
Goodbye my fav pudding..
Goodbye my fav Rojak..
Goodbye, Goodbye~
(T_T) *sobzzz*

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