March 2, 2011

1st day of "Freedom"

I'm sure everyone curious what I did on my 1st day of "freedom"!! My 1st day without needing to worry about working schedule and next day work what time!!

Well, today zzz till I wanted!! Haha!! Expected right?? 12 full hours of beauty sleep!! Woohoo~!! After that went out for a walk and enjoy the breeze. Also went to the new art science museum and walked the DNA bridge. Didn't take any pics in the museum coz the museum is pretty boring hehe. Guess I'm not a museum person =P

Art the Art Science Museum, we saw the Genghis Khad Exhibition. Was initially very boring coz I was thinking, why the hell am I here spending time knowing other people's culture when I don't even know mine? But after that slowly they got me interested. Don't ask me what I saw. I also don't remember. Had a little fun but didn't register what was there. Haha.

Also went for the Shipwrecked Exhibition.
Walked in. Walked out

Next. Traveling The Silk Road Exhibition.
Again. Walked in. Walked out.

I guessed the cost of a cup of coffee sold there was more interesting than the exhibitions. Haha.

Walked across the DNA bridge. Took some pics. Please pardon me for my tired no makeup look. Hehe

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