March 27, 2011

Last day in Audi

Today's the last day of the Audi Launch finally!! Have hang out at the launch and eat eat eat NONSTOP!! I was telling the catering people how horrible their food were!! You should have seen their eyes!! Haha.. Then after I explained their food were horrible coz they made me eat nonstop!! Then they almost strangled me. Haha

What I'm gonna do after the launch!! Rest of coz!! My bday is coming, and I wana have a getaway from Singapore and rest my brain and body before my bday. Where I'm going? To genting with my friends!! Hehe!! Ya I know it's lame again to keep going to that place. But do you know who meaningful that place is to me? Plus it was already 1yr ago since I last went there, and I have never been there ever since I started working in MBS, I so wanted to try out all my funny weird "theories" I have in the casino!! Hehe!! =P

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