January 27, 2011

Steamboat with family!!

Today met mummy and little silly bro for steamboat!! So HaPPy lo~ HeHeHeHee~!! *grin big big* So nice to hang out with family esp when I'm so darn busy and packed with activities that the number of times meeting them, the numbers of fingers I have is more than enough to count, sighhh~

Today went to Chinatown with mummy just like every Chinese New Year. Although didn't buy anything, it's the absorbing of the atmosphere and chatting with mummy makes the outing nice and warmth. After few hours of wandering about, decided to go for steamboat in bugis and managed to "pian" little lazy bro out haha~ That oink oink!! Like suddenly grow up so fast!! Make me feel I've lost contact with family like so many years lo!! Sigh~ I promised once I settle down I will arrange to meet them much more often!!

The su yu is right.. You only appreciate it when you lose it.. I used to grumble that my folks are naggy, troublesome, wan more freedom, wan more quietness.. Till I have to take care of myself, now I complain nobody help me wash clothes, nobody cook nice nice food for me, nobody concern when I reach home late.. Sigh.. Must learn to appreciate my folks before I lose them totally..

DARN~!! So happy and enjoying that I forgot to take pic with them!! Argh~

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