January 18, 2011

"The Art of Colour and Style" course

Today is the day of the course, "The Art of Colour and Style". I learnt a very good lesson today. And that "lesson" got NOTHING to do with any art or any style at all. Know what I have learnt?? That lesson that I had learnt is..................

To f**king call the place up to confirm before rushing down in a cab that cost $26.50 and only to find out that it has been postpone to 35days later!!

F**K~!! Damn!! I mean!! I was still trying so hard to recover from the sudden 10am-6pm work to 10pm-6am work, and have to jump up and rush down to the place only to find out it have been POSTPONE!! They even said they sent me an sms, I asked what is the number sent, he read out 4 numbers that not one is mine!! DUH~!!! -_-" I mean, the course have been postponed once already when I signed up for it. That means this is the 3rd time they postpone. I asked why they postponed they say no enough people. Asked short of how many people, they have TWO~!! &%$@#%&$%~!!! What?! Short of that TwO cannot start?!?! What the f**k!! Argh~

(sorry for the "vulgarities" over here, too worked out due to sudden body clock change and disappointment and not enough zzzzz.....)

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Heng Jin Wei said...

Wow.. Heartpain for your rushing and yet, the course is postponed again. But it is true that a lot of these courses keep on postponing due to poor sign-up rate. More often than not, the course organizer will refund the money back to you after a few postponements. Anyway, have fun and take care!! =)