January 23, 2011

Kerlee & Zac Wedding

Today's our dear friend's Kerlee's wedding with her love Zac!! (dono number what wedding I've been to within a year already!!) So happy for her man!! *grin* Kerlee's such a nice simple girl who in my mind does not request for much in her life.. Hope Zac will take great care of her and not take advantage of her!! =)

Pretty bridge so happy till dono cry how many times already hehe~ Silly girl...

New wedding "cake" right? Darn, it's FAKE!!
Still very pretty though, hehe!! =)

Newly met friends Weiting & Weiting
(I didn't repeat myself!!) =P

Wish this couple happily ever after with Yang Yang =)

Last but not least, it's ME~!! Hehe!!
Goodnight!! =)

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