January 4, 2011

Casting at Edgemedia

Today went for a casting at this company called Edgemedia.. Received an email from them inviting me for a casting.. Went to check out their company and found their website.. What "amazed" me was that although this company claimed to be at least 5yrs old, their website seems to be abandoned and not updated, and the "model" featured look like fresh models.. Hmmmm... Still went for the casting though.. And stood outside with an obvious skeptical look printed big big on my face.. Can't help it, hehe!!

Went to their wall and checked out their pictures of models.. I could easily recognized a few familiar faces!! The problem is, their pics also look like "fresh" models!! Like gang chu dao lo~ And their colours are fading to almost white!! *faint* Contacted one of the model I know on the wall, and after some chatting she confirmed that the pic is her but the problem is that the pic was taken yrs ago, yet within these few years she had not received any single assignment from them.. So why is her pic there?? Advertising her or using her pic to give an impression that they have "beautiful" models? Hmmmm..

Went for the interview and chatted with the friendly lady.. Everything was fine till almost the end of the interview.. She asked if she could ask a personal non-related question. She asked how come I stood outside when I arrived with the word "I AM EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL" look on my face, and I laughed and told her of their "abandoned" website and fading model pics.. Hehe.. Before I left the room, she asked me to email her my pics.. After some considerations decided not.. Sorry!!~

Met Esther at the office!! She is just a freaking DAMN HOT BABE~!! *melts*So friendly and chatty nice pretty babe lo~ *loves* Chatted with her so happy ^_^

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