July 13, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 7)

Today went to radio station again, Li Na asked us to bring some items for her to see, like our outfits, makeup, accessories etc, phew!!

I have a problem though.. Li Na say to reach at 5pm, but I have to work at 6pm!! Luckily Li Na say can reach at 4pm instead, then after that rush for work.. hmmm..

Thank you Vera!! For accompanying me to reach there earlier, if not I'd be alone!! *hugs* Sweet girl..

Li Na went through my stuffs. She said to have a white tube top, and I really went to get one, and only to find out I might be the ONLY one wearing tube top while the others wear white top that does not really show their tummy!! ALaMaK~ Needa cut down on the buffet yummy food at MBS during work these few days liao, keke... White tube top + short denium pants + grey knee length socks + black shoe shoes, imagine that on me!! That'd be my first outfit of the show ^_^

And not to mention the flower hair accessory, I've never wear a pretty flower on my head before this, it's so so fun to have the chance to wear one!! Too bad Li Na say the one I bought is not really good, gotta find another one already.. Vera showed me a very pretty one and told me where to get it, now I know!! *excited*

And of course many other outfit stuffs we discussed, guess the most excited part to me is my outfit for my erhu performance, oh dear!! I'm planning to wear a chinese-y qi pao kinda top, with boots and jeans, hmmmmm, nice??

Li Na when through the rough program of that BIG day, da qai da gai is as below:

1) Opening song + catwalk
2) Self-introduction + Q&A
3) Talent performance
4) "Sell" + pose with LG mobile phone
5) Dance + singing + ending pose
6) Other performances + games
7) Catwalk
8) Prize presentation

OMG!! Dance + Catwalk!! This contest is getting more and more exciting and much much more serious than I thought!! It's GONNA BE SOOOOO FUN~!! (paisay i sound like sua ku here, hehe)

Damn!! Have to leave earlier for work while the other girls practice the dance and catwalk!! Luckily our lovely Di Jia promised to help me video down so that I can practice abit before the next practice on Saturday, phew..
*anxious anxious anxious*

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