July 16, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 9)

Today's ME and Apple's turn on air!!
*gan jiong spider*

In preparation for today, I spend quite some efforts to have today changed to off day so that I could prepare myself (and calm myself) in the afternoon before the show at 9pm, phew~!!!

Woke up at 12pm although zzzzz at 5am last night, too excited!! *faint* Sat down and tried to prepare my script for the show, so that I won't go blank and leave the DJ in deep trouble, hehe!!

Damn!! Too many chinese words forget how to write!! (Sorry to all of my chinese teachers) Cannot write han yu ping ying if not too nervous cannot read. No choice. Borrow here to type out han yu ping ying so that the chinese words will come out.


Opps!! Guess even the easy words also dono how to write!!
好丢脸喔!!! *hide face*

(SoRRy something wrong with my phone. The photos were PINK. Damn!! *knock handphone*)

Rachel getting ready...

Rough script page 1

Rough script page 2

Rewrite 成功~!!

Guess what?? I was soooooo gan jiong, I went early!! (those who know me knows that I'm a late QUEEN) Supposed to reach at 8.30pm for my show, I reach at 7.30pm so that I could watch Apple and get myself prepared *玩臭* =P

Upon reaching the place, someone showed me the way and found Apple sitting outside the room. What an eye-opener!! 2 small rooms side by side, the size of a typical bedroom, left room is a DJ from Power 98 doing LIVE show with the door wide OPEN, right room is De Jiang and Candyce doing LIVE show too, wow!! Me and Apple just sat outside staring eyes big big don't dare to say anything in case kana the whole world can hear, haha~ 夸张 =P

Candyce welcomed us and politely asked Apple if she mind me joining her in the room during her interview and Apple said alright
*hug that sweet gal* =)

We had a friendly fun time chatting in the room, and both of us calm down (but I was still so nervous~)

Apple getting her script ready


Apple on air =)

Sitting beside Apple waiting for my turn

Apple & Rachel

For those who missed Apple live on air, listen to her here =)

Apple is done!! So sweet and cool!! I'm next!! So damn nervous lo!! Duh~!! The oldest contestant yet the most cannot-sit-still one *faint*

Sweet old Candyce keep chatting with me and to let me feel more at ease *love*

Rachel waiting to go on air


Those who missed me live on air ought to be shot!! Thanks to those who made the effort to listen to me *touched* For those who missed me, after getting spank by me, you can listen to me below
(or go to here)

Phew what an EXPERIENCE for me!! Everything is so ^_^ !! Even if never win, I will still feel it's worth it, because of all the experiences!! Thanks everyone, all my supporters, my friends, DJ Lina, DJ Zhang Ying, DJ Candyce, and many many more~!! Muacks!!

Last but not least.............................

with Candyce

How could we miss that sweet girl?? GOODNIGHT~!! *wink*

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