July 18, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 10)

Today met my erhu teacher for practice again, at east coast!! And guess what time we met?? 9PM~!! See how hard working I am =P

It's seriously tiring, I tell you.. Working in casino for 8hrs is tiring enough (just ask any dealers). Plus my horrible back pains and shoulder cramps. Plus preparing for this contest, it's really draining me out. Plus trying to arrange my time for work and contest (sms-ing almost all my friends to change shift, sending special request to scheduling dept to ask for specific working time on specific days), making sure I don't have to split my poor old body up into two, PHEW~!! (I amazed myself at times)

So now does that explain why we had chosen to meet in the middle of the night to practice erhu at east coast?? Poor teacher also need to do his teaching and stuffs, hai.. I'm amazed this meeting is possible in the first place..

Well!! Tonight you know what my teacher made me practice?? G-U-T-S!! Damn!! So many years never play erhu, now suddenly have to stand on stage to play (hopefully with him), so teacher made me play in the middle on the beach in the middle of the NIGHT!! (metal gong please!) Teacher purposely stand so damn far far away and doing all sorts of hand signals saying he can't hear me to make me play LoUdEr~!! DUH!! Imagine all the starings I got from all the people!! I mean, the beach is a place for family gatherings, couple sweet sweet, joggers with dogs, cyclist, babies childrens playing balls with their daddies, and suddenly ME playing erhu so LOUD in the middle of nowhere spoiling all the peace and quietness!! *faint*

At first I start to hate this idiotic man. Make me malu. Then I ask myself. On the beach I don't dare to play, 31 July HOW??? DAMN!! With this thought in my mind, I say to myself: "ARGH!! GEN NI PING LE!!" And I did it!! *applaud applaud* I looked down on my erhu, said sorry to everyone and everyThInG present there, and played. Slowly and steadily, I played louder and louder, till the string almost break. HOORAY!! I DID IT MAN!! ^_^ (congrats myself =P)

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