July 3, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 4)

The day of AuDiTiOn~!! And damn!! It's raining soooo heavy!! Needa waste money on taxi liao, haiz...

Arriving the gate, the guard say I must leave my camera devices and handphone (if got camera function) in these cute little small teeny weeny lockers (cupboard?) outside. Sian. Cannot take many many pictures with people.

Imagine a semi drained "mei nu" hugging herself shivering like a small little kitten standing among the army boys, well, you got it, that's me... *burrrrr.......*

Arriving at the building going inside, it's so quiet!! It's like any time there'd be a devil little boy jump out and BOO me lo~ (paisay, imagine too much =P)

The girls are so beautiful!! Damn!! Make me feel so self-conscious!!

"Sorry I went wrong place"

I almost said this to the lady (which I found out later that she is DJ Zhang Ying).

"Cannot!! Cannot!! Come already must try all the way liao!! If not I'd never find out if I just walk out like this!! I'm a tiger!! Not a chicken!!" I told myself..

Check out the girls!!

Gathered in a room taking turns to go for interview

Beautiful sweet girls right~??? Awwww..... They're all very nice and friendly and just so chatty!! Had a great time talking and chatting with all of them =)

My interview went pretty well. Was soooooooo nervous I can't stop smiling!! The person who interviewed us was Li Na, nice friendly lady..

Total there's supposed to be 20 girls selected for the audition. Only 15 of us turned up. 8 will be selected for the contest, and guess what?? I AM SELECTED!! @_@ *stoned*

Immediately after the selection, we were given briefing. We were also given "lucky draw" to determine our number to go in sequence for this whole contest thingy. I told myself, don't tell me I'm really so "lucky", everytime so fated with the number "4". And OMG!! I really got "4"!! Duh!! -_-"

All the girls in the room before selection

Li Na say we must come out with a talent performance!! After some discussions, we agreed that....... I would be playing ERHU?!?! OMG!! I've lost contact with erhu for 6yrs already!! *faint*
How how how how how?!?!

All of us selected girls will be scheduled to go on air for 1hr show, and mine's on the 16 July 8.30pm, what am I supposed to say?!?

I still haven't receive the news into my brain lo!! Everything went in a blur!! Suddenly, we're in this recording room with scripts in our hands, we have to come out with self intro and everything, to be recorded immediately!! Wake up!! Wake up!! *knock head*

Damn I'm really so stoned lo!! Li Na say I sound like demanding for money when it was my turn for my shoutout of "记得要支持我喔!" Kakakakaka~ Took quite some time and "NGs" to finish my short recording.

Group recording before individual recording

After that, Zhang Ying help each of us take individual pictures for voting thingy, luckily I wear nice nice today, hehe!! Wonder when our shoutouts and pictures be up?? Anxious and excited!! Haven't been on radio before!!
*bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

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