July 6, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 5)

In preparation for my erhu performance, I had to call for help~ And the "lucky" (or is it "unlucky") person is...... my erhu teacher in my secondary school days!! Ling Shen!! (ringtone??) =P

I had to call him desperately and cried: "heeeeeelpppppppp~"

After telling him the whole thing, he agreed to help!! Thank goodness. But there's another problem though... We can't think of a place to meet!! Coz we were thinking where we could go where I could show him how much I have returned him in skills =P

Guess where in the end did we agreed on?? You'd never imagine!! It's at East Coast Park!! Haha~ He said to remember to bring a dirty old can or bowl to put in front of me when I play the erhu on the beach when I ask me to remember to bring his erhu to lend to me -_-"

When we finally met up at the MacDonalds, we couldn't think of any songs to play.. I mean, I seriously am so rusty I totally can't remember which finger is what note!! Die.. After some time we start fooling around and messing around, suddenly he joked and say just go up and in cute little Xiao Ding Dang costume playing Doraemon song on erhu and act like Xiao Ding DONG on stage!! Duh!!

Hey!! My eyes went big and happy at this time!! I love Doraemon!! Seeing my happpy face, he quickly say he was only joking!! I said it is a nice song and I love it very much, and had to beg and beg him to teach me that song, coz he keep encouraging me to choose another one, saying this is too difficult on erhu for ME who have lost most of my skills, DUH~!! Don't care don't care don't care!! Seeing my determined face, he agreed reluctantly, and ask me to show him my remaining skills before he help me write the notes..

We went to the side of the sea and chose a place to sit. WoW!! Have anyone tried playing ANY instrument at all beside the sea!! Damn!! The feeling is incredible!! Although my case is not really PLAYING any song at all la, just eeee-eeee-oooo-oooo on the poor instrument, but well, hehe~ Sorry la~ I told you I really gave back to you all my skills liao..

Hai.. Looking at the pathetic me, he keep shaking his head dono what to say lo.. I beg him not to give up on me, say please please please please please please please, then he say hai, then took the erhu and showed this to me..

Got only his hands on video, hehe~

Die. This standard how to catch up. Tons of catching up to do!!

WISH ME LUCK~!!! *haiz*

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