July 31, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 16) Grand Finals


Thanks to those who came down specially to support us, WE APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH!! ^_^

Check out our pics!!

We had gathered at MacDonalds at 9am for a briefing of the whole show. Everyone look so tired, especially our dear Vera!! She goes to Laselle for dance class, envious!! She just have her school started, and look at all her orh chays all over her body!! *sayang sayang* Heartpain her..

We had breakfast and then briefing, before we went up the stage to have a few run-throughs on the dance and catwalk. Poor Lina must have burst a few blood veins coz we keep making mistakes, ESP me (hehe paisay sister) =P

Finally got most of the steps and places right, and we rushed to our beloved Phase Salon with big bags small bags (hope I get the name right this time sisters) to fix our hot dripping-with-sweat hair. Those girls!! They just walk across the street without looking out for cars!! Shocked me sia!!

That's me looking so sweaty!!

Jasmine showing Apple how she and Alycia took each other's picture on our first day at Phase, hehe

Our dear dear teacher Glynnis

Distorted right?!?! Look like mad woman..

Stella getting her hair fixed

Glynnis getting ready to fix

Kengy blowing my hair straight. He abandoned me halfway through to fix other girls' hair. Hmph!!

Jasmine doing makeup. The girls were just doing makeup right there and then!! I mean, under yellow dim light!! I can't even see much!! Those girls really good at makeup man. I so "old" already still dono anything about makeup *cover face*

My hair is done!!

Looking at the girls doing makeup, I also can't help getting into the mood. Went digging into the makeup box Shi Yun had along with her, and settled down with a blusher. Blush blush blush, I can't see if it's on!! Have to stand outside the saloon under sunlight then can see. All the passer-bys just stared at me lo!! *paisay* Luckily for me, there this DJ sister with cute pretty pink cap (I am just so so sorry to forget your name again!! I'm just so bad with names sia!! *ke tou*) She helped me with a little makeup on my eyes, blush and mascara. I'm just not used to so much makeup and powder on my face. Feel so eeeeeeew. Like my face is clogged like that. Prefer to go natural. That means without makeup, hehe. Guess you cannot find another girl my age just don't like and don't know make up one. haha


Vera & Jasmine

Alycia & Jasmine

Jasmine & Apple

Evangeline & Jasmine

Phase Ladyboss & Jasmine

Check out their website at http://www.phasehairdressing.com.sg/
or facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/phasesalon

Place of the contest. Bugis Junction outside MacDonalds


Some of my great friends came down to support me. I thank each and everyone of them. This is Sunshine Tracy. Check out her profile
She's a wonderful model ^_^

The voting booth

The contest started with the cheering group doing some great stunt!!

We started the contest with a dance along with a song we recorded previously. The original song is by Cindi Wang 王心凌 - 彩虹的微笑.
Watch the original MTV =)

Watch us alive here

883DJ 德江 (Kelvin)

883DJ 蕙甹 (Candyce)

编号 1- 胡迪 Stella

编号 2- 胡嫣洳 Vera

编号 3- 陈芷尤 Apple

编号 4- 徐慧盈 Rachel

编号 5- 戴淑英 Glynnis

编号 6- 官莉珊 Alycia

编号 7- 汤可欣 Jasmine

编号 8- 龍渼鍹 Evangeline

The judges

The crowd

The Q&A Session

Next was the individual talent show

After that was the LG Lollipop individual commercial act and we were given a script way before and we have to come out with our own way to present the phone =)

Next is time for the judges to decide on the winners!!
While waiting, there were performance by others.

Lucky draw winners!!

Getting ready for prize giving

The prize presenter

Consolation Prizes

The last 3 babes haven't got any prizes

Congrats to 编号 6- 官莉珊 Alycia for winning

Congrats to 编号 2- 胡嫣洳 Vera for winning

Lastly, congrats to 编号 8- 龍渼鍹 Evangeline for being the grand winner of the Sunny Babe contest!!
The winning girls on the phone recording live after the contest

Poor Vera babe was so hot and exhausted she almost fainted *hugs*

Thanks to sister Zhang Ying for everything she have helped us during the contest. You are very friendly and was a very great nice sister ^_^

Thanks to sister Candyce for trying to make me welcomed during the on air show. You are so sweet and friendly to me as if we're old friends that I felt less nervous on the show, hehe!!

Thanks also to this sister who helped me with my makeup, sorry I forget your name again, sorrrrrry~!!

Thanks to Shi Yun for chatting and helping me sooo much!! I was so gan jiong before going on stage that I had to hug this nice lady and she made me feel better!! ^_^

Also a big thank you to sister Di Jia for teaching us the dance and going through the recording of the song and stuffs with us, we had a very great time with you during this period of time!! Too bad you could not be here during the contest, I personally wished you were there with us. However, I hoped you have enjoyed your trip and enjoyed your holiday!! *grin*

Not to forget the biggest sister in this whole thing, Li Na jie!! Sorry to everytime make you so cake sim and thank you for everything and for overlooking the whole contest. You were firm and strict to us, thus making this thing a success ^_^

My lovely beloved dear old mummy who gave me all my wonderful features and a beautiful life. Everything wonderful in my life comes from you. I LOVE YOU MUMMY!! *muacks* ^_^

Also thanks to all my friends and family members who supported me and voted for me and encouraged me during this period of time. I seriously appreciated each and every one of you!! I'm sorry I didn't win as the grand winner for this contest, but I shall not take the lame reason of being a first-timer and just leave it there!! More contests on the way, and hope all of you could support me!! Muacks!! ^_^

And last but not least, sorry to those who came to support me but I didn't get to talk to you or take pics with you. I really wanted too!! But I was so busy trying to calm doen from all the excitement and trying to take the few pics I had. Thanks to my buddies who came down for me. My friends from MBS, (congrats to one of them who won the lucky draw! Heard you won a HP huh? *wink*) and all my supporters and each and everyone else. My heart filled with touch and love for all of you *sniff* MUACKS~!!!

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