July 19, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 11)

Wow!! Today's a looooooooooong day~!!

It all started with work @ MBS. Pontoon!! My fav game of all ^_^ Initially work 10am-6pm. But 883FM need us go over for practices and stuffs, thus 4days before I had desperately sms 20+ team members looking for someone who work 7am-3pm. And the luckily life-saver was Yih Hwa!! Thank you my dear!! ^_^

So today I work 7am-3pm *yawn* Had a tiring working day but I did not let the tiredness wear me down. After work had to rush down to bugis to look for my hair flower (rejected the 2nd time) and other stuffs. After that rushed down to 883FM..

Over at 883FM, everyone's so all-over-the-place!! Lina, Di Jia, Zhang Ying and Shi Yuan were running all over the place!! Lina trying to catch us individually in a room privately to hear our advertisement performance, Di Jia trying to catch us one by one for recording some stuffs (don't tell you what is it =P), Zhang Ying trying to look at our items making sure they are ok, sunny babes running all over the place, some late some waiting, haha, chaotic..

Apart from recording, practice advertisement, going through our stuffs, we also gathered for recording of Cindy's song. SO FUN~!! We record paragraph by paragraph and in the middle when Di Jia was discussing with the man-behind-the-many-many-buttons, we sunny babes were chit-chatting and laughing and joking in the recording room.

The girls were asking if we hear a man's voice in the song very softly because they swear they heard a man's voice in the song, then I open my eyes big big look at them and say: "HUH!! Don't scare me leh!! Here in this room all girls leh!! Plus now is at night leh!!" Then I say: "Opps!! Maybe is my voice because my voice is the deepest here" Then the girls say: "no la don't sound like yours leh". In the end we asked Di Jia and she said: "ya the background got a guy singing". HAHA =P

From the record room, we saw a pretty girl sitting in the next room (the rooms were seperated by thick glasses). We asked Di Jia if we will interrupt the girl if we laugh too noisy or something, and Di Jia said nope, and we started to shake butts and laugh and talk and looking if the girl will have any reactions =P Then our dear Vera very funny. She start asking if the man-behind-the-many-many-buttons can hear us talk when we are not recording and Di Jia said yes. We start talking and laughing and whisper things and see if the man can hear us. He pressed a button and spoke into a microphone: " I heard everything!" and got us all gigglish =P

After the long recording, we finally got down to practice our dance and catwalk again. Opps!! I forgot again!! Argh my memory sucks. But still, everything went well and was pretty fun ^_^

Slowly, some of us remained behind for recording and some left for home.. Despite being the ONLY one shivering in cold and hunger while the others look at me eye big big coz they're not cold at all, I let them finish recording first so that they can leave and I was the last to leave. Can't help it. Being the oldest here make me wana take care of all these "little sisters" =P By the time i reach home, it's 11pm lo~!! *tired* Goodnight lao tian ye, thanks for letting me enjoy these experiences ^_^ *muacks*

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