November 4, 2011

SISEU Singapore Industrial & Services Employees' Union 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Wow that's a loooooong event name lol.. I was the "Marilyn Monroe" of the event!! Omg Marilyn Monroe is so god damn pretty and sexy!!

The classic "Marilyn Monroe" look is like this:

And the Rosie Cheeks' version of "Marilyn Monroe":

Lol sorry no "wind" to blow my skirt up, but I think I did a pretty good job!! Apart from the Marilyn Monroe dot on the face, I think I did a great one on "Marilyn Monroe" role, hehe~!! Okok, my boobs not as big as Marilyn Monroe's, but well, I got Marilyn Monroe skirt and outlook right!! I love it!! *grin proudly"

Well apart from me as the Marilyn Monroe, we also have "Madonna" & "Austin Powers" hehe!!
Check out the pics:

Another fun day~!! Hehe~!! =P

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