November 6, 2011

"Cowboy" event @ Batam

Woohoo~!! Went to Batam for event again!! The previous time was "Pirates of the Carribean", this time was "Cowboy", soooooo much FUN~!! Yeeeehaaaa~!!

On the ferry to Batam~!!

The cowboy set scene!!

The tables are covered up to min hay dust from landing onto the tables. If you look real carefully, you'd see ENOUMOUS flies all over the place!! The volunteered extras lol~

Look at the wonderful beautiful place they set up!!!

Cool right?!?!

Say "cheese"~!!! =P


Having late lunch cum dinner before showtime~

Drunk before drinking..

Back to resort to have some rest and touching up before show time..


Headless?!? Lol nope.. These are the real eagles, 2 of them.. This one catch lazily around sleeping with it's head in it's wings.. hehe..

See if you can spot Rosie Cheeks lol =P

This is Moe Alkaff. He is my fav MC, comedian and all round excellent entertainer. I always have so much laughters with him around!! If you would like to engage him, please contact
Moezik Events International =)

Happy Birthday~!!

Time to let my plaits down to PaRtY~!!

Another drunken cowboy. Did he drank to be drunk??

Next morning is a holiday time for us before our ferry back Singapore!!

Bought alot of "souvenirs" tidbits not found in Singapore but only managed to take a pic of this one coz the others were too excitedly eaten before managing to take pic haha..

We had so much fun as usual!! Always enjoyed ourselves with the Moeziks!! Thanks for using us as extras, we had more fun than feeling we're at work!! Hehe!!

(photos not all taken by me. Half of them are from the casts too..)

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