November 9, 2011

Wella Hair Show

Went for a hair show by Wella~!! I was one of the 3 models for the first batch on the first day thus we spent more time as they need to explain right from the beginning. We took 11hrs!!

This was the style they wanted to do on me:

Looks cool~

One "last look" of my long naturally black hair before the show:

Getting ready to go on stage..

The other 2 models:


Nice?? I think I look so darn sexy~!!
Woohoo~!! Love it!!

Thanks to all the hairstylists:

So do you like the "Before" or "After" hairstyle?? =)


ace said...

you make the hair look good. the after one looks more lively.

Anonymous said...

And u look younger too... :p