November 13, 2011

Uncle's Birthday

Went back home in JB to celebrate my uncle's bday last night. Usually we would have a happening one at a pub. But this time he just wana relax and chill at home. So we just bought a few tidbits, a cheesecake and a 5litre red wine to chill..

Omg the red wine is just so sweet and nice!! Although it's only 9% alcohol, sometimes it doesnt mean red wine must be high in alcohol.. It's the taste.. NICE~!!

My uncle is camera shy thus didnt post any family pics lol.. Too bad..

Look what I found in the convenience shop!! Bet you haven seen these around anymore!!

Now I remember although I love doreamon and choc, I still stopped enjoying these.. The choc biscuits are still lao hong one~!! Duh~!! Well at least I get to buy 2 and keep as "souvenirs"~ Hehe~

Look what the family dog did to my shoe~ He chewed the rose off~

Had a great night spending with my malaysia family.. Never fail to have lots of fun and laughters.. Cant wait for xmas~!! =)

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