October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last night was my FIRST Halloween celebrated!! Yah~ Yah~ I know, I know it's abit lame to have my "first time" so old.. Coz I haven have any Halloween-lover friends around me what.. Lol..

My theme was supposed to be a "doll".. Not sure is it's too successful though, haha.. Check it out!!

BOO~!! =P

Tried doing something "interesting" to my nails too~

Time to hit Clark Quay with Missy and gang~!!

This is Xavien, the blur gorilla walking around looking lost with the camera, keep banging into the lamp posts coz "it" cant see it's way =P

The loving undead-s, so sweeeeet~

I had tons of fun~!! How about you?? =)

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